{Blog Love} Jim’s Pancakes

In the world of culinary artists there are many different mediums. Cakes and pastries (as well as other desserts) seem to be my favorite things to focus on. But then I find this guy: just an ordinary dad who wants to make cool pancakes for his daughter. How cool is that? And look what he can do!


Yes, that’s a pancake! Jim, from Jim’s Pancakes, is a culinary artist if ever I saw one.

Here are some of my favorites:

Plants and animals

unicorn-pancake  turtle-pancakes

beehive-pancake  flower-pancakes


bacon_eggs_pancake  pancake-burger

sushi_pancake  taco-pancake


american-flag-pancake-USA  halloween-pancakes1

And he even constructs things!

dinosaur-pancake  ferris_wheel_pancake

golden-gate-bridge-pancake  pancake_art_tower_crane

Check out Jim’s Pancakes for more great pictures, and you can even sign up to receive all his tips and tricks!




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