12 Days of Christmas–Day Three–Ornaments {Event}

On the third day of Christmas my true friend gave to me…

Welcome to Day Three of our special event:

The Twelve Days of Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas - 3rd Day - Titled Jeweled Ornament - WhipperBerry

If you are just joining us, refer back to day one for all the fun details of this event!

Click on the image to download Kristin’s free printable for today:


On the third day of Christmas my true friend gave to me… three ornaments to put on my tree!

Jamie is sharing THREE ornament tutorials today:

12 Days of Christmas - 3rd Day - 3 Ornaments - WhipperBerry

Who doesn’t love a beautiful Christmas ornament? I must say, the Christmas tree seems to have elevated itself to a new level. Whether simplistic, or truly ornate, all other holiday décor is established according to the Christmas tree style. Following my heart’s desire, I decided to create our ornaments in this year’s surprisingly popular, yet fantastic, color scheme of black and white with just a hint of silver.

Ornament One—Silhouette Mini-Frame

12 Days of Christmas - 3rd Day - Sillhouette Ornament - WhipperBerry

Another rising trend seems to focus on facial silhouettes and various miniature photo frames. I took profile shots of my children, and my good friend Danielle (from Crafts by Danielle), transformed them into vinyl silhouettes. I framed the silhouette in a beautiful mini-frame, and finished it off with a ribbon hanger.

This is a lovely handmade, and also sincerely personal, gift to give—or if you’re like me, some I’ll give and some I’ll keep!

Ornament 2—Jeweled ball

12 Days of Christmas - 3rd Day - Jeweled Ornament - WhipperBerry

It can’t get much easier than this! I spray painted a Styrofoam ball with black matte paint. I only gave it one coat because I prefer the textured look, but if you want a more solid appearance give it two or three coats. I secured silver jewels—in varying sizes—all over the ball with a hot glue gun. To attach the ribbon hanger, I stapled the ribbon onto the Styrofoam. To help secure the ribbon, I placed on a small dollop of hot glue just before stapling: then I tied a knot in the ribbon to hide the staple.

Ornament Three—Sparkle Bulbs

12 Days of Christmas - 3rd Day - Bling Ornament - WhipperBerry

Oops, just when I said it doesn’t get easier than the “jeweled ball”, we outdo ourselves! These fillable glass ornaments are available almost anywhere. I simply removed the top and filled it with those same silver jewels I used before. Here’s that ribbon again that I used as the finishing touch.

We hope you’ll enjoy all the fun opportunities to simplify the ornament making this year, and save a little money as well.

Merry Christmas to all, and happy decorating!


Have fun making your ornaments, and check in tomorrow for Day Four!! I can’t wait!




  1. Sinta Renee says

    I just discovered your blog today… and it seems like it was just in time! I have a college graduation party in a couple weeks on top of the holiday festivities… I just want you to know that I love your blog and have read every EVERY post! You are amazingly talented!

  2. Erika says

    Love these! All 3 are great, but I really really like the jeweled ball :)
    I'm going to make some of those tonight!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun says

    Oooh, THANK YOU! Now I know what to put in my cute mini frame (actually they had mirrors insides that I took out) ornaments! Great blog.
    Merry Christmas,

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