{Tutorial} Red Burlap Wreath


I have been so impressed with some of the beautiful, yet simple, wreaths out in blog land.  So…I thought I must make one of my own.  I decided that my material of choice would be…


…you guessed it, burlap.  I know, I know.  I just love the stuff.

What you will need is…

  • Burlap (the amount varies depending on the size of your wreath base.  I used about 1 1/2 yards.)
  • Wreath base (I used a 12 inch ring)
  • Hot glue
  • Spray paint to match the color of your burlap.

1.  I spray painted the ring red so that the overall color of the wreath would be uniform.  If you leave it white there is a chance the white will show through the burlap.

{Funny story…notice the tape?  I broke the wreath when I gently  tossed it on the ground to paint it.  Be careful, those joints break easily!!}


2.  Cut burlap into 5 inch squares.


3.  Fold burlap  in half and then in half again.


4.  Holding the folded corner, round off the top of the square.


Your burlap will then look like this…


5.  Grab the center of the burlap and gather to look like a flower.


6.  Snip off the folded point of the flower.

WB_078[7]--  WB_081[6]-

7.  Apply hot glue to the tip. {Don’t you just love the red fingers?}


8.  Glue to the wreath base.


9.  Repeat until your base is fully covered and looks like this:


Now I have something lovely to put on my door for Valentine’s Day!! (Shhhh! It’s good for Christmas too.)

{Update}  Many people have been wondering where I purchased the red burlap.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby.  Sorry Vegas friends…I bought what was left on the bolt!



  1. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says

    I *love * this!!!! I may just have to make one of these. ;) Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Stacy says

    Ooooo! I didn't even know they made red burlap!!! How did I not know that? I {heart} burlap AND red is my favorite color! I just bookmarked this one :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. [email protected] Walk says

    Oooooo! Love it! I have a bunch of empty Christmas wreath hooks in my apartment with nothing on them. I may have to try it!

  4. Christene says

    I've been searching for just the right wreath to adorn my door after removing my Christmas wreath. It's been so sad and nekked. This is PERFECT! And just think of the possibilities! I love the fluffy, soft look while still having a kind of rustic edge. Well done, red fingertips and all!

  5. [email protected] says

    Ooh that's pretty! I love how versatile it is- Valentines and Christmas?!? Perfect! Thanks for the great idea, I'll be linking.

  6. Haley K says

    Oh Heather nice work! I just got some tan burlap at the store today…maybe I'll create the wreathe with the tan burlap, and then Valentine's-it-up and hang it with some extra-wide red or pink ribbon. Thanks for the great tutorial! Can I ask you, where would you get red burlap?

  7. PartyMom says

    Hi there! I hopped over through Someday Craft, and have to say how much I love this (and I wish I'd had it for my party last month) I'm just now starting to see the versatility and beauty in burlap. I'm a total convert, and love how you applied it here!

  8. Kyra @ RACKS and Mooby says

    Wow – gorgeous! Not sure my fingers could handle all that cutting and glueing! LOL. Great job!

  9. [email protected] says

    Gorgeous!!! I'm going to have to hunt down some red burlap now, thanks for sharing!

  10. BirthdayPartyBabble.com says

    Love, Love, Love, this. I was just saying I was going to use this as a huge candle ring for a cranberry inspired birthday party theme.

  11. [email protected] Crafty Home says

    Gorgeous! I have never seen red burlap, hope I can find some because I totally want to make this. I hope you'll share it on my weekend linky party!

  12. Laura Sennott says

    I love this wreath!!! I am working on a red one too. Come check out my blog in a few days. I hope to have it done. Just beautiful!

  13. Chiara says

    Beautiful, and I LOVE how you said to cut off the point to glue. I have tried this flower before and failed due to the point. Thank you!

  14. AllieMakes! says

    VERY sweet! And the tutorial is great! Thank you for sharing!
    You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday through Sunday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  15. [email protected] says

    I love this wreath. There are a lot of wreaths all over blogland, I think this is one of my all-time favs!
    great job!

  16. Leslie says

    I love this adorable wreath! I featured it today on Hoo's got talent! Thanks for linking up to the party! Hoot Hoot!

  17. Isabel says

    WOW! I TOTALLY LOVE THIS!! Specially because it only requires three things! No-brainer!! Did I say how much I love it?!?! BTW, Im a new follower, found you through one pretty thing!


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