Teacher Appreciation ~ DIY Pencil Flower Bouquet


I grew up with a Grandmother who was a life long teacher.  She started teaching at a very young age back in the one room school-house days.  She was her youngest brother’s first grade teacher.  Imagine that… you start the morning wanting to pop his head off for not letting you into the bathroom early enough, head off to school and have the patience of a saint while teaching him how to read.

This is my sweet Grammy a little later in life… always the teacher.  She instilled a great love of teachers and of learning in me.  So… in memory of her, together with my girls, we put together some teacher appreciation gifts tonight for their teachers.

For all of you amazing men and women out there to choose to spend your days with my little rug rats and help them to become amazing people, THANK YOU!!


To put together the pencil flower pots you will need:

  • pencils
  • small container
  • Styrofoam core
  • shredded paper
  • ribbon
  • 1 inch Fiskars daisy punch
  • pearl headed pins
  • wire cutter

  • Place Styrofoam inside small container cover with shredded paper. 
  • Sharpen pencils and set aside. 
  • Punch how ever many flowers you need.  I doubled my flowers to give it a more 3-D effect.
  • Take 2 flowers, lay on top of each other. Bend the top flower’s petals towards you to help if POP!
  • Place the pearl headed pin in the center of the flowers through the pencil eraser…


  • Take the wire cutters and carefully snip off the remaining length of pin.
  • Tie ribbon onto pencil to look like leaves.
  • Now, arrange your flower bouquet as you like by pushing the sharpened pencils into the Styrofoam inside the container.
  • Feel free to right-click and save the image of the tag if you would like to use the free printable.

By the way, the inspiration for this fun project came from my sweet friend EllieG from Less Cake More Frosting and her fun teacher gift! Thanks for the inspiration, my dear!!


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  1. Amy at Ameroonie Designs says

    Okay, great minds seriously must think alike. ;) I JUST made this exact same thing (not as elegantly) this week. That is hilarious. You gals are amazing and wonderful. I'm inspired every time I come here.

  2. Suzanne says

    So cute. I don't have children in school anymore, but I think I'm going to make a few of these for some special mothers (friends) of mine!

  3. Christene says

    Oh, Heather! I love that picture of your Grandma writing a letter. How many of us do that nowadays? And this idea is perfect! I love how simple and yet useful and beautiful. Thanks for helping us appreciate our wonderful teachers.

  4. Anonymous says

    Very cute! But, as a teacher, it's not the most practical especially for all the time you put into it. We don't really use pencils! We use fun pens and colorful markers alot, so maybe it could be adapted. So this gift, although very sweet, would be something we would disassemble and let our students use the pencils and then find some use around the classroom for the bucket! Just something to think about…

  5. heather {WhipperBerry} says

    @anonymous… thanks for your perspective as a teacher. I guess that's my ultimate goal is to give a gift that is fun and visually appealing that CAN be disassembled for the teacher to then use in the classroom.

  6. Anonymous says

    Simply fab!!!!! (coming from a teacher who appreciates adorable crafts and enjoy making them). Continue to inspire!!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    I'm a teacher and I use pencils lots and lots. I love this idea and plan on making this gift for my kid's teacher. Thanks for the great idea. :)

  8. Sandra Guntorius says

    I am a teacher and just love this idea. I made them for all my six team memebers. Thanks for shareing.

  9. [email protected] says

    Very cute Heather! I dread the day when I have to come up with teacher appreciation gifts! haha big thumbs up over here!!
    happy crafting!

  10. Ambika says

    LOVE this idea :) Went through several of your posts and I'm in looove with your wonderful blog space. Following you now!

  11. { Penny Candy Studios } says

    This is such a cute idea, and once you have the materials assembled I doubt it takes very long at all to make!

  12. Jennifer says

    Does anybody know what type of paper works best for the floweres? I'm guessing colored cardstock, but was not sure?
    Thanks! Jen

  13. * Taci * says

    Love this and am going to use it for a lil phtography workshop I am sponsoring tomorrow. I try to give a giftie lil lovely thing to the photographers for coming to the workshop and this is PERFECT for them too.
    Side Note: I am sure your children's Teacher's *~LOVED ~* these and I sure hope mine never get the kind of teacher who sticks her nose up at a parent's attempt at appreciation. You're a good Momma !! I will come back and post a link when mine are finished!! I want to put something on the card like "Hope your photography business is blooming" "hope your blooming booked" ??? lol!

  14. says

    Well it looks like I know what we are making today! Maia is home from school today {we are recovering from a case of the all night tummy bug – YUCK} so we’ll just be laying around watching movies. This will be a perfect project.

  15. says

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    – Whipperberry” Modern Window Treatments truly
    makes myself ponder a little bit more. I really admired each and every individual part
    of it. Thank you -Genie


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