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! am married to my best friend who totally brings out the best in me. I am the mom who’s always running late, and he’s the dad gathering the kids and their sippy cups, snacks and diapers. I am Lucky!
I am completely in love with my 2 little chubbies. Being a mom is so much more fun than I ever imagined, and they always know how to brighten my day.
I am not a morning person. I’d sleep In till 10 if my children would let me.
I am a creator.  l love to imagine the possibilities from creating.

I am addicted to chocolate. I can’t live a day without it! My 2 year old wont let me!
I am a texter.  I love having a long chat with my mom or an old friend, but for the little things I like to text.
I  am a baker. I may not be the best one out there, but I love to bake. Mainly so I can eat all the cookies!
I am driven. When I set a goal I work hard and achieve that goal.
I am not a fan of seafood.
I am Hobby Lobby’s #1 Customer. It’s true they know me by name.
I am a creative blogger. I love to create and share those ideas with you!
I am a hair stylist. I love being able to make someone feel beautiful again.
I am a girly girl. I love pink, shoes, big flowers and lipstick. I hardly ever get dressed up anymore, but I love it when I get to.
I am a little OCD. If my husband kills a bug with his shoe, I spray it with Lysol.
I am a photographer. Okay not a real one… but I wish I was. I love to capture the little things in life… because I know one day my kids won’t be so little.
I am a mom and wife first.
I am a dreamer. I love to dream BIG!
I am striving daily to become a more loving wife, to be a more patient mother, to be a better friend and to become the person I know I’m meant to be.
Jamielyn and I spent a lot of time together last weekend at Evo’11 and I LOVE HER!!  She inspires me everyday to be my better self.  We are like two peas in a pod us two.  We think a lot alike and it’s like a breath of fresh air to spend time together.
Now let’s PARTY!!
It’s Friday Flair… show us what you have {Whipped-Up} this week!
Here are the sticky rules {you know rules are in place so that no one gets their feelings hurt or their eye poked out! So let’s play nice.}
  • Please link up only your own projects, and link to the specific post, not your blog home page. No Etsy shops or giveaways, please.
  • You must grab a WhipperBerry button and include it somewhere in the post you’re linking, or on your home page (a text link is great too).
  • Stay and mingle (remember, it’s a party!), and leave a couple comments for other guests!


  1. [email protected] says

    Thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend!

  2. Jocelyn says

    I have so enjoyed all your {who I am} posts. I absolutely love I {heart} Naptime, so it was fun to read a little more about Jamielyn…she is too cute!

  3. I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes says

    Ah thanks for featuring me Heather and for hosting your amazing link party! So many great ideas! haha and we totally are like two peas and a pod aren't we?! I love having someone I can talk to that just "gets it." xoxo

  4. ellie g says

    Jamielyn is a totally ROCKIN' dancer. And so much fun! And have you ever seen prettier blue eyes? Seriously. Not tryin' to ask her on a date…just sayin'! :) I loved hanging out with her at EVO. Unless she was going down the slide in front of me super SLOW! {tee hee}

  5. Concetta says

    What a fabulous party you host!! Everything looks amazing and delicious!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Kim from Maiden D'Shade says

    Thanks for hosting! I apologize for not thanking you every week, but know that even if I don't say it, I'm always grateful to you!


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