{Local Love} The Waffle Shoppe at the Provo Farmer’s Market

I am starting a new series here on WhipperBerry called Local Love.  I love supporting local businesses, handmade shops and such and I thought this would be a great way to share some local love with all of you! It won't be a regular post, just when I find something that really tickles my fancy and I want to show it off.  Also, most of you know that I live in Las Vegas, but I am not limiting Local Love just to Las Vegas, it can be any local shop or restaurant that I find here in Veags or through my travels or… I would love for you, my fabulous readers to submit ideas if you have one of those wonderful hole in a wall type of place that you would LOVE to show the world.

My first offering is The Waffle Shoppe located at the Provo Farmer's Market in Provo, Utah!

Now I am a girl who LOVES farmer's markets and all of the fabulous little booths that you can find in these traveling markets. I am also a sucker for a well branded shop and The Waffles Shoppe is one that absolutely takes the cake!!!

Haley and Tiffany are the masterminds behind this cute little shop that serves up the tastiest waffles paired with the most aaaaaamazing syrup!  And just in case that wasn't enough they also have the a decadent frozen hot chocolate that is out of this world! 

Isn't their shop cute?  Haley is a graphic design student and has done a fabulous job creating a shop that is not only pleasing to the palette but to the eye as well. 

So…. if you happen to be in the Provo, Utah area you need to visit The Waffle Shoppe at the Provo Farmers Market.  It's open every Saturday through October and is open from 9:00 – 2:00 located at the scenic Pioneer Park. For more information about the Market visit their blog

To get in touch with the lovely ladies from The Waffle Shoppe you can visit their Facebook page to get all their news and special offers. I would LOVE for you to go over and say hello from WhipperBerry… it will totally make their day!!!


  1. Erica says

    I love the feeling I get when I discover a new local gem right in my neck of the woods.  And to share it with my friends, pure excitement and joy!! Buy/Support Local movement…  Can't wait to visit the Waffle Shoppe! 
    One of my favorite "locals" I found is Stories by Me. The perfect ideas and gifts for the family member of friend who has everything. And best part you make it! Who doesn't love a gift that comes from the heart? :) 

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