Holiday Cards with WhipperBerry Studios

There are two kinds of people in this world… Those who send Christmas cards, and those who do not.  Those who do not, just don't GET those who do and vice versa. I am in the love Christmas camp and I'm proud of it.  I love taking the pictures and finding the perfect card to send to all of your family and friends.  In turn, I also LOVE to receive holiday cards!!  Almost more than sending, just almost. But, we all know that the first step to a great Christmas card is a fabulous family picture.  

A few months back, I started WhipperBerry Studios my official photography business.  Photography has always been a love of mine and it was just a natural fit to open things up as a side business.  You may have noticed the Studio tab at the top of WhipperBerry.  That's a link to my WhipperBerry Studios Site.  Here's some of the work that I have done recently for friends who are getting their Christmas cards together…




Aren't they all fun!  So… First step to a great Christmas card is a couple of great family photos.  If you are here in Las Vegas, I have a few more spots available for some quick sessions just in time to get your Christmas cards out.  Just email me, heather{at}whipperberry{dot}com to reserve a spot.

If you don't live in Vegas I HIGHLY encourage you to find a good photographer and go out and take some magical pictures of your family.  Truly this is a gift for yourself… you will have these memories to keep forever! 

Tomorrow, I'm going to give some great ideas on what to do after you have the perfect photograph… Where do you go from there?


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    That frame is YUMMY! And of course, Mandi wants to steal it. :) You are amazingly talented. I’m mentioned that….right? Well here it is again. Such cute ideas. I LOVE Christmas Cards!

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    Beautiful photos! I am an avid photographer myself, although I am not a professional. :) I’ve been meanin to find a photographer to take some family pics but I always fear I won’t like the turn out especially when I know it can cost quite a bit.

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