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Are you tired of boring old wrapping paper and gift bags? Are you looking for a fun new alternative for wrapping your treats and gifts this year? Well, look no further… GiftGloss is here!

The lovely FoofQueens the makers of GiftGloss, contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be willing to try out their fun product.  As someone who is always looking for fun and innovative packaging products, you know I was game.

What is GiftGloss you ask… It's the original slide and tie sleeve.  How many of you have tried to work with flat layers of cellophane trying to wrap a gift basket or goodie plate? I can tell you I have struggled with it.  GiftGloss is a sleeve of cellophane that all you have to do is slip your item in and then tie off each end to create the perfect little goodie bag or wrapped gift.

They sent me their complete GiftGloss kit which includes the GiftGloss dispenser and two sizes of Gift Gloss. The kit includes one roll of 6 inch gloss and another roll that is 12 inches. Each roll is 50 feet long. The lovely part is that when I'm not using it, the whole system fits in a drawer!

I decided to play around with some fun and simple gift ideas. Recently I had made some simple Anthro inspired snow globes that I thought would be a fun gift for some family members. 

The largest snow globe fits just perfect into the 12 inch sleeve

I taped off the bottom of the sleeve and then tied the top with a stylish mix of lace, yarn, Divine Twine, and hemp twine.  Then I added a gift tag and and voila, we now have a fun and stylish gift that I know my family members are going to LOVE!!

Next, I played around with creating some candy packets that are an easy way to make a little treat for someone special…


How cute are they?  The best part they took like 2 minutes to make. This stuff is so fun.  You can even make fun garlands out of it.  Loving this stuff!!

The fabulous FoofQueens, the genius developers of GiftGloss have two wonderful presents for you guys… 1st they are offering one full GiftGloss Kit for one WhipperBerry reader.

Here is what you need to do to enter the giveaway…

  • Visit FoofQueens GiftGloss check out all of their fun ideas, then return to WhipperBerry and tell us what you would like to "Gloss-up."

For additional entries you can…

This giveaway will run from December 6th through Sunday, December 11th at 1:00 pm.  The winner will be announced during the Friday Flair feature post. 

Now for the 2nd gift… this one is for EVERYONE!!  The FoofQueens are giving all of you 20% off of a full GiftGloss kit!!  Just in time for the Holidays… you can create all kinds of great little glossed-up gifts for all of your friends and family!! All you have to do is is enter Whipperberry at check out and you will receive the fabulous discount. 

I hope you are now all in the mood to start "Glossing" some stuff up… I know I am!


  1. says

    What an exciting giveaway! I would definitely use the GiftGloss to prettily package my fresh made lotion bars. They would look so pretty in this wrap! What a versatile product!

  2. says

    I Like Gift gloss on FB

    I would so wrap up my customers beautiful Sterling silver Silpada Jewelry~baked goods, PJ’s with foot cream, & slipper socks…gosh the list goes on!! LOVE the way this looks!!

    Pick me :)

  3. Erin S. says

    I would use it to wrap the pumpkin bread I make for our neighbors each year. It would be so much easier and pretty!

  4. says

  5. says

    OO I would love to try this out! Your packaging is gorgeous!

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