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I'm sitting here in my nice warm home, having just finished a simple lunch with my family here in sunny and slightly chilly Las Vegas.  Meanwhile, I have family in Colorado dealing with the hazards of a massive winter blizzard. I've lived through several blizzards and at times they can be magical, but they can also become very scary in an instant. 

When I was seven or eight years old I remember sitting at our large picture window watching the snow fly during one of those Colorado blizzards.  I was fascinated by the ever changing landscape and the magical world that was being formed right before my eyes.  At the time I was home with my Mother and two younger sisters and my Dad must have been at work or helping a neighbor at the time.  My Mom called us into the kitchen for lunch and within minutes of leaving my magical window we heard a huge crash.  The large crabapple tree right out in front of our home had been blown over by the high winds right into our living room through my magical window.  My winter wonderland within seconds had become terrifying though my childish eyes.  It wasn't long before the power was out and the need for basic emergency items were needed.

We were lucky enough that no one was in the room at the time so we didn't need first aid items, but imagine if we did?  We were in a situations where calling 911 wasn't going to really be an option. We could call, but it could be hours before they could reach us in the current conditions. We did however, have the need for flashlights batteries, materials to secure our home and a way to keep our family warm during the storm. My family was blessed enough to have the means to take care of our treacherous situation, but… Can you imagine if we didn't have the basic supplies needed during that trying time?  It could've been a situation where unnecessary injuries and possible deaths because of the elements, could've occurred.

Everyday I am reminded about how blessed I am to have all the comforts in life.  As a adult I can recognize this and I feel sometimes it's a challenge to teach my children that not everyone in the world is as lucky. For whatever reason whether they be social or economic, thousands if not millions of people struggle with the basic necessities of life.  Worse yet the basic necessities have to be whittled down to purely life sustaining items like food, water & basic shelter. The items that we use to keep us healthy and safe become luxury items at times.  You couple this with the harsh conditions that happen during the winter months and you have a recipe for disaster.

Did you know that 9 MILLION children suffer from non-fatal injuries each year and that accidents are the leading cause of death in children. Factor in hazardous weather conditions and you have the perfect recipe for hundreds of weather related injuries and death.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Energizer for the Energizer Light Up a Life simple service project with the I am ONE of Millions Champions for Kids campaign.

This is a great campaign that can take the sometime daunting task of helping those in need and breaking it down into small bite size morsels. If we would all take a few moments to put together a small care kit with some basic first aid and safety items for one family in need we can reach thousands!! Visit the Mobilizing Millions, Champions for Kids site to learn more about the Energizer Light Up a Life project.

This week my family and I are going to visit Shade Tree, an organization that helps battered women and children here in Las Vegas.  We are going to research the needs for our community and then together we are going to put together a Winter Survival Kit for a family in need.

I would like to encourage all of you to do the same.  Together within the WhipperBerry community we can reach a handful of families and combined with all of the others participating in this campaign we can reach thousands if not millions!!  I will be posting about the kit we put together later this month and I would LOVE for you to do the same.  I will be putting together a chat in the new WhipperCafe where we can discuss ideas on what to put in our kits and who to distribute them to. I can't wait to see what fabulous idea you come up with!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias all opinions and ideas are my own. #EnergizerCFK, #CBias


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    How scary that must have been for you as a child but what a relief that no one was hurt! You’ve chosen a very deserving organization to donate winter survival kit to! Hopefully, they will bring some small comfort and security to those living in a stressful situation.

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    Great mission, great cause, awesome organization! Can’t wait to see the follow up! I like that you have a personal interest in this due to past events in your own life! So happy to see you giving back where you feel it is needed the most!

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    Hi! Great post! I can’t wait to put something together! I am a disaster preparedness specialist for my job. I also work with communities and state agencies to educate and prepare for mass disasters. I have got to say that I am a pretty disorganized person, but when it comes to being prepared for an emergency, I,m usually all over it! I have been planning to put together something for my blog to help people out and educate on the importance of being ready for an emergency, but your post has lit a fire under me. Thanks. If I can be resource to you in any way, please contact me!


  1. […] Heather from WhipperBerry reflects back on growing up in Colorado with the positive and negative aspects of the blizzard weather, the negative being a crabapple tree crashing through her living room window after a particularly brutal snow storm! She was reminded about how blessed she was and is with the basic comforts of life, including shelter, and as a result wants to give back to her local battered women and children’s shelter to a family in need. Check out her story and join in the conversation about what you would include in your care kit on WhipperCafe. […]

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