Don’t Let the End of Google Friend Connect be the End of our Relationship

I'm sure the news had made it thought the grapevine… our beloved Google Friends connect is going away {for WordPress users anyway.} Starting in March if you follow WhipperBerry via Google Friend Connect you will no longer receive WhipperBerry in your feed and… 

img source | Unknown {if you know, leave a comment and tell me where you found it}

I would MISS you TERRIBLY!!!

We have several other options in order to follow WhipperBerry…

  • Another option is to follow WhipperBerry via Facebook.  I update my page daily and always have some kind of goodie to share or chat about. Today we talked about our favorite books.
  • Twitter is another great way to follow WhipperBerry.

With so many different ways to follow WhipperBerry the whole GFC thing shouldn't be an issue! You may have already noticed I removed my GFC follower widget last week so we can get used to it.  I know… breath!  We can all make it through this change.


  1. Jenny says

    I just switched over to follow you on I don’t know if you can see your followers there but at least I will get your posts! I follow you on Pinterest and Facebook too :) Obviously- I enjoy your blog!

    • says

      Kristen- I would be happy to. I am choosing not to install the Linky tool for a couple of reasons. One, you never know when that may disappear as well. Two, I feel like we have so many other great tools like Facebook, Twitter and Feedburner to help our readers stay connected. Adding one more thing is just unnecessary. I like that I can free up the real estate on my sidebar and not feel bogged down with that “number” always looming over my head. It was actually quite freeing to remove the GFC widget from my sidebar. I work really hard to create quality content for those of you who take a few minutes of your day to stop by to see what I’ve been up to. I no longer want to be driven by numbers I want to just be happy creating and sharing with who ever is willing to stop by for some inspiration. That’s the bottom line…

      That my be way more than you were looking for, but it’s how I feel.

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