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Hey guys… Happy {almost} Friday!! I have to admit it's my favorite day of the week.  I get to sit back, grab a cup of Choffy and enjoy what you guys have been creating.  I had so much fun with some amazing people at CHA last weekend and plan to give a wrap-up of that next week. It's always so much fun getting together with friends who share the same passion. 

Right now I'm gearing up to start a bit of a home makeover and I'm finding more and more of my time is spent on Pinterest looking for ideas.  Here is a fun one that I would LOVE to create in my home, but I don't have a great wall that it would work on unfortunately.  I love the barn door look and it would be soooo fun to incorporate into a house someday…

I found this on Pinterest via My Home Ideas. I love the combination of the old vintage door coupled with the chalkboard wall.  What a whimsical way to add some character to your home.

As for last weeks Friday Flair I will post the features this Saturday with the features for this week on Sunday. Sorry to have to piggy back like that. 

Now it's Time to Party!!


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    Hey Heather ~ I noticed that you mentioned Choffy. I’ve never heard of it but I just got an email from someone wanting to know if I would like to try it. So, it’s something you like? I checked the website and it looks like you have to have a French press…do you?

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      Tonia- I LOVE Choffy. I just added the link in my post so you can go check it out. It’s a great option if you don’t drink Coffee but would like to have a hot drink that’s not as sweet as hot chocolate. It’s actually super healthy too. It was on Dr. Oz a month or so ago and he talked about how it can aid in weight loss and stuff. You should try it out! If you have anymore questions you can email me if you want… heather{at}whipperberry{dot}com

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    That door is super cool… I seriously want to see the rest of the house now!!! I also can’t wait to hear all about CHA…one day I would totally love to go!!!! Until I will live vicariously through your trip!!! Thank you so much for hosting the link up!!!

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    you party is always an inspiration. Thanks so much! I linked up some amazing Smoky Tomato Soup with Maple-Candied Bacon

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    Thanks for hosting!



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