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Hey there friends!  It's that time again… it's {almost} Friday!!  Time for Friday Flair.  I don't know about you but this is the kind of mood I'm in right now…

img source  |   beauty on the beach

I know I have nothing to complain about living in sunny Vegas, but I'm ready for a good relaxing beachy vacation.  Who's with me? We can pool our money… rent this house and all sit and read books on these lovely porch beds right by the ocean, sip lemonade and forget all of our responsibilities! We can giggle and laugh together and stay up all night and sleep until noon. I'm sure there are some great local shops close by where we can find all kinds of treasures. Ahhhh the life…



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    Wow, that is the most gorgeous porch that I have ever seen! I am a Florida girl, and love the beach so much. Now I am daydreaming about it…*sigh*. Thanks for hosting a great party! Do you have a button that I can put on my link parties page?

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    What a view!! Sure beats the one I saw yesterday…black, muddy field dirt now that all the snow has melted. A beachy vaca sounds like the perfect pick-me-up! Who wants to buy me a ticket? LOL!

    Thanks for hosting, enjoy your Vegas sunshine~ Stella B’s Kitchen

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    I am right there with you wanting a nice beach vacation!!! I am so ready for summer to get here so we can hit the pool!
    Thank you so much for hosting the fun each week!!!


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