Walking Down Memory Lane with COOL WHIP

Hey guys… I'm BACK!!  I've missed you all terribly and can't wait to catch-up with everyone. Nothing like a little medical hiccup to force you to slow down and smell the lovely spring daisies. Friday Flair will return next week but while I've been resting up I had the fun opportunity to work with COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. I thought I would do a little walking down memory lane and share my favorite COOL WHIP recipes.  Come on over and check out some of my favorites!


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    SO interesting, last week, I just bought my first carton of Cool Whip ever (I usually by heavy cream and whip it)- I wanted to use it to layer with jello in a cup. My kids didn’t like the jello treat so much, but they loved the Extra Creamy Cool Whip!

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    Oh these delights look to beautiful to eat !!..Cool Whip memory lane for me as well..cool whip was a staple with my mom and you ‘cannot’ use anything but the real cool whip or they do not turn out well…. Banana Split Squares and all time go to for ‘baby showers’ Pistachio Squares..not sure how ‘healthy they are but YUMMY !! LOL

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