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I've become a bit of a nut lately… The very first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to grab my iphone and check my email for my Pick Your Plum deal of the day. Have you heard of Pick Your Plum?

If you've visited WhipperBerry for awhile now, you'll know that I am a huge fan of Pick Your Plum. They always have the greatest deals on all kinds of crafty supplies and stylish fashion accessories.  The problem… the deals are always soooooo good that they sell out quick.  Now you know why that has been incorporated into my morning routine! Here are some of the fun goodies they have to offer each day…

Aren't they FUN?! Here's how the deal works.  First, you have to sign up for the Pick Your Plum daily email. This will ensure that you have that gem of an email in your inbox every morning and you won't miss out on the goodies. Then each day they will have one specific item that they feature for that day at an unbelievable price.  As soon as they sell out the deal is done and you have to start the wait for the next days fun deal. Isn't that fun!! 

I have bought soooo many great goodies from the girls at Pick Your Plum… I have a whole bin in my craft room full of tags, bakers twine, baking supplies, vinyl, all kinds of stuff from Pick your Plum.  My favorite family Christmas gift this year was a personalized stamp that I ordered for each of our extended family members from Pick Your Plum, so yea… I'm a bit of a fan.

They lovely ladies at Pick Your Plum would love for you to fall in love with PYP as well.  They are giving away a $75 Plum Box full of all their favorite PYP swag to one of you.


  1. mekei says

    i sure am hoping to win the goodie box. i’ve been signed up for a while and have bought a bunch of items, like that adorable twine pictured above. they have my price for buy right away.

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