Snips from Snap! | A Creative Social Media Conference #SNAPconf

I am so excited to share about my week last week while I was at SNAP! A social media conference for those of us in the creative blog world. Let's just say… IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!

SNAP! Team

SNAP! is the brain child of Tauni the PR executive turned social media guru. Tauni saw a need to create a place for those of us who speak DIY to gather, connect & learn valuable tecniques for getting our brand and our content out to the masses. I first fell in love with Tauni while at Creative Estates last year. She has such an amazing take on this blogging world and how to turn your hobby into a thriving social media business. I knew from that point that Tauni was a woman to follow, and follow I have.  All over the place! ;)

img source | kristen duke photography

Tauni pulled together a dream team of talented bloggers to help her vision of SNAP! to become a reality. Each person on the team had a huge part in making this conference the success that it was. Starting from the branding, or creating the look of the event by Lara {Miss Ellie G} from Less Cake More Frosting, to finding a venue, searching for sponsors, class development, marketing, event planning, logistics… you name it they all had a huge roll in making this happen. A little known fact about me… Before I started WhipperBerry, I was a conference and event planner for a company here in Las Vegas for five years.  I KNOW how much time, energy & money goes into an event of this sort. In my opinion SNAP! was top notch!!

SNAP! Connections

For me the biggest part of a blogging conference are the connections you make while you are there. Connections with fellow bloggers and connections with brands who you would like to work with in the future. 

Last year, when I attended my very first social media conference I was alone in this blogging world. I hadn't had the opportunity to meet any one else who lived to create and share like I did. When I walked into Creative Estates I was so overwhelmed!!  I was in the same room with people who I had followed {stalked} for some time.  I nearly passed out when I saw Shelley Smith from House of Smiths out of the corner of my eye.  That was the beginning… Through attending a few conferences last year I now have so many GREAT and true friends all over the world!!

SNAP! was a great way to renew old friendship and create new ones {live and in person} with so many fabulous people that I have gotten to know through the blogging world.

Natalie Johnny in a Dress | Desiree from 36th Avenue | Jen Scissors and Spatulas | Megan Brassy Apple | Kari Ucreate | Shelley House of Smiths

Here's some of my Instagram fun with some of the fabulous ladies that I've been crushing on FOREVER…

janea & jamie The Letter 4 | rhonna farrer Rhonna Designs | tam Sew Dang Cute | alison Oopsey Daisy | kelli Lolly Jane Boutique | kirsten The Crafting Chicks | lorie Be Different Act Normal

SNAP! Theme

I LOVED the theme for SNAP! this year…

How beautiful is that! How many times do we get caught up with the constant need to compare and then feel the need to be someone we are not.  I know that I struggle with that demon at times.  There were so many wonderful classes that addressed this very topic. It started with the opening night dinner when Tauni and Amy from The Idea Room opened the conference with two amazing presentations on how to be yourself. The following night we had a wonderful surprise from Amy Cornwell, a lovely Just be You necklace…

It's a lovely simple reminder that no matter what, you need to be true to yourself.  You don't have to worry about being the next Tatertots & Jell-o or Eighteen25… YOU JUST HAVE TO BE YOU!!

Don't worry too much about trends… what ever you love is the trend. You have to be authentic for yourself and for your readers.  That is the only way this crazy world we live in is going to work!

img source | amy cornwell


SNAP! Classes

This years class line up was aaaaaamazing.  You should go and check out the line up of SNAP! presenters. We had everything from Blogging Basics…

keri Ucreate | cheri I am Momma Hear me Roar | amy Mod Podge Rocks | cindy Skip to my Lou

To SEO {search engine optimization} from Dennis of The Next Corner a SEO genius…

And everything in between.  I even had the opportunity to speak with some of my favorite people about creative collaborations…

me | kim Today's Creative Blog | brooke The Crafting Chicks | jamielyn I Heart Naptime


SNAP! Wrap

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL week.  Tauni and her Snapettes put on a wonderful conference and I CANNOT WAIT until next year.  This event is hands down my favorite blogging event all year!! I hope I get to see you there next year!

Tomorrow, I am going to show off some of my favorite stuff from SNAP!


  1. says

    Awwwh! I miss you already! We definitely didn’t get enough time together, and NO PICTURE!?!? whaaaat?
    I was actually expecting an entire photo shoot again… but maybe next year. LOL.
    I love you so much, and I’m so happy to call you a friend. You’re so talented and such a hard worker. Thank you for your help with SNAP, and for making the trip to come! It’s always such a joy to see your smiling, happy face :)

    LOVE YOU, friend!

    • says

      FOR REAL!!! This last week was such a blur and you guys were so busy. I also didn’t even have a chance to say good-bye to anyone… totally bummed about that. Oh well, just know that I love ya and we’ll have to get together again soon!!

  2. says

    You had me at “Snips from SNAP!” What a great follow-up post of the event. It truly was fabulous, though I didn’t get to see nearly enough of you!

  3. Britt says

    Wow this looks like a really fun event to go to and I love the theme. Being yourself is so hard with pintrest these days because you just want to recreate what’s on there instead of making something yourself from your own idea. Looks like you had a great time (:

  4. says

    It’s funny/sad/something that I’m learning about what went on at SNAP! by reading wrap up posts. Glad you were there helping on Wednesday or I’d have cried my eyes out about not getting to see you. ;)

  5. says

    What a GREAT recap–with a super cute title! Bummed we didn’t have more time to chat (isn’t that ALWAYS the case with these things?!?!), but it was great to see you! :) It indeed was a fantastic conference–was so glad that I was able to come! :)

  6. says

    Awww Whipper…We didn’t get nearly enough time together and you only got to see me when I was cranky…Next year I vow to be about 100 times more organized so that I can spend more time with the people I love most – like you.

    Thanks so much for coming in early and working your tail off with us. You’re a trooper!


  7. says

    How much do I love you? I’m about to bust into a poem about it…..I am so glad I at least sat down to the last dinner with you. I am so glad that you are my buddy. I am SOOOO needing some Whipper time in the Vegas. I adore everything you do. Oh shoot….here comes the poetry again….

  8. says

    I feel kinda bad that I didn’t get to meet nearly the number of people who I had hoped to meet–but toting a tiny baby can kinda mess with the process! I sat in on your Creative Collaborations panel which I really enjoyed and wanted to say hi. So here I am saying hi now, haha! I love your blog and photography. Amazing!

  9. Kristyn says

    Loved that we got to spend some time together. You are so talented and I love learning from you and just chatting with you cuz you’re stinkin’ awesome!! Can’t wait to hang again. Love ya!! XO

  10. says

    Heather!!! I love you more and more each time I see you!!!! My only regret at snap was that i didnt get to socialize more with those bloggers i already love (like you!). I met a lot of great people, but I wish I could sit and chat longer and get to know more people better. Which only means we need to get together again- like soon.

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