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Super excited!! Blog swappin' with the Dating Divas today!! Here is a wonderful birthday photo session idea from Kristen {today is her birthday!!} Happy Birthday my dear… and you can see my post over at their blog, The Dating Divas.

Hey Whipper Berry readers!!! I am excited to be guest blogging here today, we at The Dating Divas absolutely love Heather, and because it was her birthday last week, and my birthday today I am here to celebrate! Over at we are always coming up with great ideas on how to date your spouse, but today I want to talk birthday parties! I am all about going above and beyond to celebrate birthdays in my family, whether its an Awesome 80's Party for my hubby, or one of my kid's first birthday parties, every birthday boy/girl should be celebrated and feel special on their big day!

Recently we moved across the country during the week of my daughters third birthday. At 3 years old my daughter LOVES birthdays and would be devastated if her's was skipped, and of course I would never let that happen! :) Instead of spending a lot of time (which I didn't have) planning a big party with lots of guests I decided to take my daughters favorite things, her best friend, our friends' doggie, FiFfi (whom she adores), all the ruffles and dress ups I could find, and lots of treats, and do a photoshoot for her to celebrate her birthday.

It was fun, candid, and perfect for my sweet little princess. I love that it felt like a playdate with her best friend and fifi. They both loved to get dressed up and with the treats and blowing out candles made this day really special.

It was something so small, that was and is still talked about. Especially because we printed pictures and displayed them in my daughters room so she can always remember this day and her favorite things. Everytime she looks at these pictures she lights up and loves to talk about her besties, and her birthday party.

For more birthday ideas you can check out our past "birthday week" posts with loads of ideas at


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    What a sweet idea! I can tell your daughter felt special and celebrated! Looks like that little party (super playdate!) made a big impact :)

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