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I am quite literally bursting with joy… Sarah's 1st Baby girl was born bright and early on Monday morning. On her Daddy's birthday to be exact. She is beautiful and is a natural fit into the Nitta family.  I'm hoping I can share some photos soon of the beautiful little bug.  Sarah and I have shared a little of her room so far, the beautiful tree from Cherry Walls and a little sneak peek into Sarah's shower last week. Now that I am finally home from Haven, I just can't hold it in any longer… Here is the fun Little Bug Shower that I put together with my sweet friend Kristin for Sarah's little Love Bug and Cuddle Bug…

It all started with this post that I created not too long ago for Silhouette that I fell in love with…

In my silly mind I just adored my Cuddle Bug and Stink Bug onesies.  When Sarah found out that they were on the road for an adoption this was the first thing that popped into my mind when Kristin and I started talking baby showers. We thought it would be a fun, non-traditional baby shower for our fun, non-traditional friend!

Kristin designed the cutest invitation with two little bugs on it and that kicked off the event planning…


I created some fun utensil containers using the premium vinyl and my CAMEO from Silhouette using the same image that I used to create the onesies. Then I dipped dyed the basic paper plates in water and food coloring to create a simple water color ombre effect. I then stamped the plates with a fabulous stamp that I found on Etsy from a cute shop called Four Things by KKP…

Loren from Four Things was super sweet and created a custom stamp for me with two little bugs which was perfect for all kinds of things for the shower. I stamped the plates and really wanted to stamp some cups, but I just couldn't find the right cup for the job, oh well. I also created a Wishing Wheel for the shower using an old bike wheel…

Everyone tied tags that I found on Pick Your Plum, that were stamped with the cute little bugs at the bottom of the tag onto the wheel. We asked everyone to write down their wishes for the girls to share with Sarah & Jason. It' turned out so cute…


When we started planning I knew I wanted balloons, and not just any balloon… HUGE luscious balloons!! I found the colors that I was looking for at and boy were they fun!


To dress-up the balloons I hand cut some crepe paper tassels and paired them with strips of a silver foil door curtain.  They were stunning!! I placed them on the walkway up to Kristin's house and then had them throughout the house as well.  They were so fun, and added a whimsical element to the shower. However… did you know that there is a national helium shortage? Yea, I didn't either!!  I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.


I also placed my favorite DREAM sign in the front yard to greet all of the guests. I thought it was appropriate since this has been a dream come true for Sarah and Jason.  If you haven't seen it yet you have to check out Sarah's video about her journey through weight gain, weight loss, infertility and her time on the Biggest Loser…

Now a new chapter in Sarah & Jason's life has begun.  Kristin penned a beautiful poem that we included with each invitation to tell the story of how their sweet little girls finally had a chance to come and join their family. Kristin then printed a large version and framed it for the shower…

Kristin and I hung a cute little clothes line to create a fun focal point for the party.  It was also a great area to collect the shower gifts…

I made two more "Love Bug" and "Cuddle Bug" onesies and then filled the rest of the line with cutie-patootie clothes that Sarah was then able to take home after the shower for her little bugs.

I wanted the shower to be a full sensory experience. Visually I used a playful citrus color palette that just popped when everyone walked into the room. I place fun vintage items in clusters around the party area to create fun design tidbits to take everyone back to a simple and carefree time in their lives…


I filled the room with my favorite CD by Mindy Gledhill called Anchor which was perfect for the feel for the party on my Swansea Beach Radio/ iPod dock from Anthropologie. I also transported people with their sense of smell by using my Scentsy warmer armed with my favorite scent, Sunkissed Citrus. The only sense left is taste, and I'm afraid I will have to share that with you later… This post is already FOREVER long!

So… what do you think so far? Was it crazy to have a "bug" theme for a shower for two little girls?


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    LOVE this Heather!! Beautiful job! Love you both. What an inspiration– that video brought me to tears. So happy for her!!

  2. says

    You did a beautiful job on the Shower. I love all the perfect details and the colors are so sweet. The video made me cry. I’m so happy for them.

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    I saw the picture you posted on Instagram, and HAD to come check out the post!! I love the little Slug Bugs! What brought me is that I was hoping that maybe you had an Etsy or something selling the vinyls or something for someone to buy them. I have a friend whose son, Connor, died recently – he was 8, and had Lennox-Gestaut Syndrome – and Connor ADORED Herbie the Love Bug. Everything was Herbie. My friend has started collecting Love Bug or VW Beetle things, and I thought maybe a vinyl on a cookie jar or something would be a really awesome gift for her!!

    Altogether, I’m so excited for Sarah! I’ve been following her story on Facebook, and just followed her baby blog. How exciting for the two babies, such a gift!!

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    LOVE the colors and the theme! Also love that you chose Anchor by Mindy–one of my all-time favorite CDs. Also? That clothesline is to die for!

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    Oh Heather…it looked incredible!! How awesome to be able to share in the love and excitement for those two little miracles. :) I’m sure Sarah felt like so special. The colors were fun and vibrant, and the “love bugs” theme was too perfect! You put so much thought into the details…the line of darling clothes, the wishes for the girls, and the vintage-y vignettes…what a fabulous shower!!


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    Awesome shower theme and design! It’s so original and love love original ideas!! You did a fabulous job with the decor. And I love that the story behind the two precious girls was included in the invitation and the decor. What an amazing story.. a true blessing!


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