Real Life Photography | Book Launch Party

I am sooooo excited to be participating in Rebecca Coopers, "Real Life Photography" Book Launch Party this week!!!

For those of you who don't know Rebecca, she is one of my favorite bloggers over at Simple as That.  She is a Mom, blogger, stylist, photographer and soooo much more.  She makes her home in Alberta, Canada and has written several fabulous e-books about photography. The first two are 40 Tips for Better Photos and Don't Say Cheese. Both fantastic books!!   Her latest is Real Life Photography and it's a gem!

Rebecca's goal is to inspire people to… Remember to capture the precious simple moments in life that so often pass us by without so much as a nod.  She is a talented teacher who helps to demystify the camera and teaches you hone your photographers eye to capture those magical moments in life.  Here is a taste of what is in the book…

I love how the book is clean and simple, super easy to read and understand. Rebecca's style is well thought out, clear and easy to understand even for a novice photographer. It's also rich with content so even a more experienced photographer will feel enriched and inspired to take their photography to a new level.

Rebecca has also developed a set of fantastic actions called "Simple Fixes Actions" that go along with the book. What is an action you ask?  Basically it's a shortcut to performing a series of photo-editing steps.  Rebecca has created a recipe that when applied to a so-so photo can transform it into a photo that you can be proud of.  I LOVE the actions!! The actions are created for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and are super easy to use.

I love the e-book format. That fantastic instant gratification of being able to download it right away and dive right into learning!

The price for the book and action set is normally $12.99 each, but… they are offering a special introductory price of $9.99!! 

If you purchase both together you can receive an additional 20% off if you use this coupon code, PHOTOFIX!!!

Rebecca and her fabulous publishers, Ella Publishing Co. are so excited about this launch, they have offered a copy of all three of Rebecca's books to GIVEAWAY to one of you guys… MY FAVORITE PEOPLE!!!!  To enter the giveaway follow each of the steps in the Rafflecopter form below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Rebecca for sharing your amazing talents with us and for inviting WhipperBerry to be a part of your launch party!! You're FABULOUS!!!!


  1. Kris H says

    It is so hard to capture a genuine moment with all faces looking at you. I usually end up having to do a posed photo.

  2. says

    For me having a 13,9, & 5 year old its hard to all get them to have the same “nice” face,pose & mood all at the same time by the time I do I feel as I’ve done a run on my treadmill!

  3. gtrexler says

    First, is finding willing participants, cooperation is a must. Second, I always feel that I let the perfect shot/moment go by and then I want to recreate but it’s not possible. Never just happy with what I have.

  4. Melinda T says

    I think its hard to get genuine smiles and expressions. That and not knowing how to use my camera and editing software properly!

  5. says

    It’s so hard for me to get good photos of my 13 month old granddaughter. She is always on the move and it seems like I take 100 pictures and there might be one or two good ones.

  6. Marie says

    In general I feel that I am very photo challenged. The owners manual on any camera is also very daunting! However I’ve been learning that there are some simple techniques that will greatly improve the photos I take. I’ve been looking for some tips on how to get great photos of my dogs & cat. How do I capture the essense of their personalities?

  7. Lana says

    OMG, I would LOVE to WIN Rebecca’s 3 ebooks of photography!!! I just got my 1st dslr and would love to have this set of ebook, so I can learn the correct way of doing things!!! – – Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. Kris says

    I wish I understood the settings on my camera better. The manual for my camera is no help. By the time I try to figure it out, the moment I want to capture is gone.

  9. says

    Wow, that’s a hard question. Mostly it is dealing with our family indoors. My husband is not an outdoors person so most family things happen inside. Understanding the camera so that I can shoot manually.

  10. Hanni says

    Being intentional about capturing the little things that I want to remember 30 years from now when my kids are grown and out of the house.

  11. Suzy says

    I would love to win Rebecca’s books! She is such an inspiration, and I need help with learning how to capture the everyday moments in our home!

  12. Mickisha says

    One of the most challenging things is making the effort to get myself into the shots. We wont even go into how hard is to take pictures of your own toddlers:)

  13. Dawn says

    Trying to get out of ‘auto’ mode and figuring out how to really use my camera. Oh, and getting my 2 year old to stay still.

  14. says

    Getting my husband to look at the camera and when he does to not make a “I can’t believe you’re making me do this” face

  15. Dana says

    My biggest struggle has been trying to learn how to correctly use my new Canon T3i. I absolutely love it but with a 15 month old, I never “find” the time to figure out how to take fantastic photos (instead of just good photos) This book looks perfect & easy to understand.

  16. says

    Basically just finding the time, but also getting them to act like they usually do instead of just posing because there is a camera in front of them!

  17. TJ JAy says

    I have two children that can’t ever seem to get along. I really just want a photo to show the love I know they have for each other.

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