61 Autumn Pumpkin and Apple Recipes

It’s finally September… This is my favorite time of the year. Even though it’s still in the low 100’s here in Vegas, I just can’t help but bust out the pumpkin and apple recipes and pretend the air is starting to crisp-up.  Today I thought I would put together a list of some fabulous autumn recipes for you guys to give a whirl.  Here are 61 autumn pumpkin and apple recipes …

WhipperBerry Autumn Recipes


breakfast copy

1. whole wheat pumpkin waffles /// 2. cranberry pumpkin drop cookies /// 3. pumpkin cream cheese scones with brown sugar honey glaze /// 4. baked pumpkin spice donut holes /// 5. cinnamon crepes with spiced pumpkin mousse and graham crumble /// 6. pumpkin salted caramel blondies /// 7. pumpkin spice donut holes /// 8. petite pumpkin spice donuts ///  9. pumpkin spice pancakes /// 10.pumpkin spice syrup /// 11. pumpkin butter /// 12. pumpkin cinnamon streusel pancakes ///


breads copy

13. pull-apart cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread /// 14. maple pecan streusel pumpkin bread /// 15. caramel glazed apple bread ///


drinks copy

16. pumpkin spice white hot chocolate /// 17. pumpkin and apple cider fizz /// 18. pumpkin pie milkshake ///


savory copy

19. curried pumpkin stew /// 20. creamy pumpkin risotto with bacon and parmesan ///  21. pumpkin seed pesto /// 22. roasted pumpkin and garlic lasagna ///


Cake copy

23. apple stack cake /// 24. caramel apple cake /// 25. cinnamon apple cake with salted caramel /// 26. apple upside-down biscuits /// 27. autumn delight cake /// 28. apple fritters with ice cream /// 29. cinnamon roll pumpkin vanilla sheet cake /// 30. spiced apple cream cheese coffee cake /// 31. apple upside-down cake /// 32. pumpkin pie cupcake with whipped cream /// 33. salted caramel apple cupcakes ///

Bars & Candy

bars and candy copy

34. pumpkin chocolate chip bars /// 35. pumpkin cheesecake with ginger & white chocolate ///  36. pumpkin streusel bars /// 37. apple pie caramel apples /// 38. pumpkin cheesecake bites ///


cookies copy

39. whoopie pies withy pumpkin buttercream frosting /// 40. apple almond snail pastries /// 41. pumpkin whoopie pies /// 42. cinnamon apple macarons with apple butter buttercream and tart green apples /// 43. chai pumpkin spiced thumbprints ///  44. pumpkin gingersnap cookies /// 45. caramel stuffed apple cider cookies /// 46. pumpkin ice cream sandwiches ///

Pies & Tarts

pies and tarts copy

47. pumpkin ricotta crostata /// 48. cheater baked apple cuplettes /// 49. baked apple pancake with apple cider syrup /// 50. pecan and chocolate tart /// 51. norman apple tart ///  52. quick & easy apple tart /// 53. pumpkin pie spice ///  54. pumpkin pecan dessert in a jar /// 55. tikvenik, bulgarian pumpkin pastry /// 56. pumpkin chiffon pie ///

Pudding & Trifles

pudding and trifles copy

57. simple pumpkin cheesecake trifles /// 58. pumpkin pots de crème with spiced whipped cream /// 59. pumpkin pecan cheesecake pots /// 60. pumpkin leche flan ///  61. pumpkin pudding ///

I hope this provides some inspiration for you this season.  What are some of your favorite autumn apple or pumpkin recipes? If you’re like me, it’s hard to choose!!

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  1. Christian says

    It’s still in the low 100s in North Texas, too! I had my first pumpkin muffin of the year yesterday. I LOVE pumpkin recipes. I can’t wait to try some of these out. Thanks for posting!!

  2. says

    Great round up! I love both combos! Mmm… can’t wait to start baking!

  3. Katie says

    This post so perfectly aligns with me! My husband and I are currently stationed here in Vegas as well, and I also love the autumn season more than any other…and have already busted out the fall decorations and recipes, willing the weather to cool down. ;) Thanks for posting this, it is so perfect, made my day!

  4. Mrs. Price says

    I have now entered heaven!!!!! Thank you for all of these! I will be busy this fall! My 3 year old is as excited as I am!


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