How to take YOUR Blog to the Next Level with BlogFrog

When I started WhipperBerry two years ago, I had no idea where this ride would take me. I was looking for a creative outlet, a way to push myself, to hone my skills and to hopefully in turn… meet some amazing people and inspire others.

Without question, the ride so far has been aaaaaamazing! I have met some wonderful people and have had the opportunity to do some incredible things. Looking back I realize that, even though I am generally working on content on my own, developing recipes, creating projects, taking pictures and writing posts… I haven't done this all on my own. I've had incredible blog partners like BlogFrog along the way!

Many bloggers start their blogs writing about something that they are passionate about. Somewhere along the way they realize that they would like to take their blog to the next level. They would like to build a stronger community and possibly start working with brands that make sense with their blog niche. How can they do that?

I I was lucky enough to meet Rustin one of the creators of Blogfrog along with several members of his crew at Blogher 2011 in San Diego and I am so glad that I did!

I was just a little tag-along with Jen from Tatertots & Jell-o who had been invited to a dinner with Blogfrog. The dinner was incredible… {No, not the food, just standard mexican fare…} I had the chance to get to know several of the Blogfrog crew and I kid you not, they have helped me take WhipperBerry to places I never even imagined when I first started. Here is a little video about Blog Frog…


What I love about BlogFrog is that they work really hard to create meaningful engagement with their audience. When they offer a campaign opportunity, there is no pressure for me to take the campaign, I can carefully select what is right for me and for YOU my readers.

I didn't start blogging to become another commercial… I started blogging to create a community and to share my creativity. However, blogging is hard work, it costs money. If you aren't a blogger you may not realize that to keep WhipperBerry running, I spend on average about $300 – $500 a month to keep my blog going. I have to pay for a company to host my blog and I have to purchase supplies for all my posts among other expenses. Blogging is not free by any means.

I appreciate that BlogFrog has created an amazing company that has helped me take my blog to the next level. I can accept a few campaigns here and there to help cover the costs of the blog and then I can focus on creating great content to share with you. I quite frankly think that… BLOGFROG ROCKS!!

As a part of the BlogFrog Influencer Circle, I have the chance to create meaningful, authentic content for brands I love. If you’re a blogger interested in new opportunities, join BlogFrog’s Influencer Circle and check out some of the top brands already working with BlogFrog.

If you’re a brand looking to work with online influencers, learn more about BlogFrog’s Brand Solutions here. Now, I’m curious. What do you love most about blogs and blogging?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogFrog. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    I feel like my creativity just expands every time I read a blog or try to write one. It’s such a great way to push yourself and DO MORE with your life! I need to get involved over here, big time :)

    P.S. you’re so lucky you met the Sun guy.

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