What’s in My Handbag over at SNAP!

Hello there long lost friends!  I promise I will be back soon. We’ve arrived in Lincoln and are now madly trying to get settled. It’s been a bit of a bumpy entry to life here, but I will share more of that later.  TODAY… I’m over at the SNAP blog sharing…

WhipperBerry's Bag

Come on over and check out what my bag says about ME over at SNAP! 

Heather copy


  1. Teresa Kroeker says

    Hi Heather,

    I absolutely love your bag! It is definitely all about the colorful interior for me. It’s just as important as the design of the overall bag, for sure. Keeping the contents to a minimum is key also. Getting a larger bag intimidates me because I end up filling it up and that results in a weight dragging me around that tires me right out. You inspire me to declutter my bag right now!

    I really enjoy your blog . Thanks for sharing!

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