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Raise your hand if you’re ready to start a new week… I have mixed feelings on the issue.  I’ve had such a nice weekend with the family, nothing special, just nice. It’s been one of those weekends that you just don’t want to end. On the other hand, I have a list full of projects that I’m so excited to start working on for the Holidays and I’m excited for the week to start. Either way, Monday is on it’s way. 

I hope everyone had a chance to go through last weeks Friday Flair link party. There were so many fun ideas linked up.  Here are a few that caught my eye…

thanksgiving decoration

simple thanksgiving bunting /// my fabuless life


candy bar ice cream /// your homebased mom


industrial room makeover /// design dining & diapers


 sour dough bread bowls /// half baked harvest


diy photo frame clip /// a woman’s haven


thanksgiving blessing mix /// caramel potatoes

Butterscotch Bundt Cake logo

butterscotch bundt cake /// bird on a cake

Chocolate-Peppermint-Cupcake-Recipe copy

chocolate peppermint cupcakes /// a pumpkin & a princess


christmas countdown house /// kiki & company

Give Thanks copy

thanksgivng printable /// she’s kinda crafty


pumpkin parfait /// bullfrogs and bulldogs


glitter filled glass ornaments /// mom 4 real


diy wool mittens /// wunderbar


stocking hat crochet pattern /// cherished bliss

How’s that to wet your whistle?  Don’t they all make you want to start creating? I love seeing what everyone is up to through Friday Flair every week. 

On another note… I hope you’ve taken a second to head over to the HUGE Holiday Giveaway that I’m co-hosting right now.  You have the chance to win a KitchenAid Mixer or a Keurig Coffee Maker. You won’t want to miss that! 

Heather copy


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