Thanksgiving Place Cards with GiftGloss

‘Tis the season my friends… The season to pull out your GiftGloss from the FoofQueens to get ready for your Thanksgiving feast!

GiftGloss place cards

I made this fun place card with my six inch GiftGloss.  I love that you can hang this little goodie on the back of everyone’s chair and then they have a sweet goodie to take home with them after your feast.  A dual purpose place card/ party favor!!

Thanksgiving place card with GiftGloss

This couldn’t be any easier thanks to GiftGloss. I place a fun heart ornament that I found at Target inside the GiftGloss with a Kraft paper gift tag tied onto it with my guest’s name.  I wrote the name and drew the stripes with a white chalk marker that you can find at your local craft store. I love the simple handwritten look. Then I added a little sweet to the package with some Hershey Kisses with almonds and that’s it! I tied the two ends together with some tiny pom poms and then created a hanger with some fun Sashay yarn from Red Heart Yarn.

Now, all you have to do is hang it from everyone’s chair to decorate for your Thanksgiving Feast!

Don’t have any GiftGloss? Well, that’s no problem!! The FoofQueen’s have sent over a great deal for you guys, to help you join the GiftGloss craze!

GiftGloss Thanksgiving Deal

Head on over to the GiftGloss site to stock up and then you two can dream  up some fun ideas to spoil your guests with this Thanksgiving!!

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