A Heart So Broken by Christene Houston // GIVEAWAY

A Heart So Broken Giveaway // I am over the moon and tickled pink all at the same time today! My sweet friend Christene Houston has published her first novel and I'm so exited to introduce you guys to her and her fabulous book. It's true… Christene is one of my dearest friends, but I kid you not, I would promote this book even if she were a stranger on the street.  It's a fabulous fun read for these cold months while we are hibernating in our little nests. 


Here is a little more about Christene and her book in her own words…

It’s one of those rare Vegas days when the rain is falling and everything feels cozy and warm inside. A fire is going in the fireplace, logs crackling, flames snapping, and I’m doing one of my favorite cold day things. I’m curled up with a book, enjoying the feeling of being cocooned away from the wintery blast. Do you love reading like I do? When we knew we would be losing Heather to Nebraska, we did what any good friends would do. We stockpiled our favorite books for such a cherished friend and sent her into negative degree weather knowing she could cuddle up with some warm Vegas love whenever she liked. Heather and I are big fans of this lovely pastime, though we enjoy different paths in both our general taste and methods of consumption. I’m a hands on, leafing-through-the-pages kind of girl, while Heather enjoys all mediums, with a special affection for audiobooks. Heather often reaches for gritty, true to life books while my feet are most often planted in the blossoms of romantic fiction.  It’s no big shock that when I decided to follow my passion for writing, it took me in just that direction. After an incredible journey, my debut novel, A Heart So Broken, is finally on cyber-shelves nationwide, available through both Amazon and BN.com. I am so thrilled to see my cover popping up in the most beautiful places!

A Heart So Broken is the story of 17-year-old Jenna Tucker who suddenly loses her father during his service in Iraq. Without his stabilizing influence, Jenna’s world tips out of control. She soon finds herself exiled to tiny West Junction for the summer, holding fast to her misery despite the tender care of her Aunt Lilly. When a vivid dream revives her spirits, Jenna is surprised to find handsome Cooper Turnage at every turn. The electric attraction between them is undeniable, but Cooper harbors a secret that will reopen tender wounds and force Jenna to decide between the comfort of bitterness and a chance to heal at last a heart so broken.
WhipperBerry is giving away a signed copy of A Heart So Broken to one fabulous reader and three digital copies of the book to three more readers!! The reviews have been stunning, and I can’t wait to add yours to the list. Follow the direction in the Rafflecopter box below to enter the giveaway…

A Heart So Broken Giveaway


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If you can’t wait for your copy to arrive, get A Heart So Broken today at Christenehouston.com in all e-book formats. Light your favorite candle, tuck your toes under that fleecy blanket and let the snow fall while you spend the summer with Jenna Tucker. I hope you enjoy her adventure as much as I have. 


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