Gift Giving with Styled by Tori Spelling

Gift Jar with Styled by Tori Spelling Key Chain // Hello my friends!  We're running slow today with another snow day here in Lincoln. Can't complain at all in my book. Snow days are the BEST!!!! We've settled down with a Harry Potter marathon and I, of course had to do a little creating on the side. With Valentine's day around the corner I thought it would be fun to make some simple little gifts for teachers and such with some of my favorite Styled by Tori Spelling goodies…

Gift Giving with Styled by Tori and WhipperBerry

I thought it would be fun to create a gift jar (of course) and make a little key chain for my daughters teacher this year. For the jar I just took a little 4 oz. jelly jar and cut some craft paper to fit the lid and glued on a gem flower from Styled by Tori on top…

Creating a gift jar with Styled by Tori

Toss in some coordinating tissue paper and you have a simple yet beautiful little gift jar. Couldn't be any easier than that. The jar, quite frankly is also part of the gift. The person who receives it will be able to use it to store little items in and they will adore it!! 

Next, I created a fun peacock key chain for the "gift" in the pretty jar…

gift jar with styled by tori

This one is super simple as well. I found this lovely peacock charm from the Styled by Tori line and then I bought a nice clip to attach to it to make the key chain…

key chain components

You may need to use some needle nose pliers to open the ring up a bit to attach the clasp and peacock. Close the ring and voila, you have a fancy new key chain…

key chain made with styled by tori

Many of the Styled by Tori charms will work perfect to make a fun decorative key chain. Next, all you need to do is to attach your key ring with your keys and you are in business. I always like to have little clip on my keys so I don't lose them in my bag, so that was a must!

key chain with styled by tori and whipperberry

Won't this be a fun little gift for teachers or friends for Valentine's Day, teacher appreciation,  mother's day, birthdays, anything really. You can make up a bunch and keep them in your gift stash and always be ready with a fun gift at hand. 


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