Spring Wreath DIY // Vintage Vignette // Whatever Craft Weekend Part II

Spring Wreath DIY // WOWZA that's quite a bit to have all in one post!! I have been working on my Spring Vignette for a little bit. Gathering treasures and such, tweaking and rearranging. I finally have a fun grouping to share with you today that's inspired by my Whatever Craft Weekend. Of course it starts with my Winter White Wreath that I will be using all year. I've used it for Christmas, The New Year, Valentine's Day and now I've updated it for Spring!

Spring Wreath from WhipperBerry

All I did was add some fancy yarn and a fabric banner to the wreath. The fabric garland was made by my friend Amy from Ameroonie Designs. I had been trying to find time to put together a fabric garland for the wreath and just hadn't found the time. Luckily, Amy was handing little fabric garlands out to her customers at the Queen Bee Market last month at SNAP and I was sooooo excited… I didn't have to worry about that element anymore! Not that they are hard to make, the issue for me would be to find my sewing machine in the sea of boxes still in my garage. We are in a temporary home right now, so there is no need to unpack everything. Thanks Amy for the rescue!! 

Now, for the full vignette. It was inspired by my Whatever Craft Weekend… Yes, I will be trying to live in that fabulous weekend for the rest of my life I think. Almost everything in the display came from that magical weekend…

Spring Vingnette from WhipperBerry

Isn't it cheerful and fun?! Part of the Whatever Craft Weekend is a fun Junking trip. Meg & Kimberlee have some amazing treasure troves that they share with all of their guest and I had a ball finding all kinds of goodies. 

Lunch at the barn Whatever Craft Weekend

Here are Ashley, Mique, Kristi, Pam and several other friends on our junking tour, Kristi is going ga gah over all the amazing wood available at this amazing junk barn!

I curated a group of fun smaller items like these…

WhipperBerry typewriter

Many of these goodies made it into my vignette… and, I even found a large item that I am head over heels in love with.

shopping at the barn whatever craft weekend

Check out that lovely, chippy bench that Ashley is testing out… yep, it came home with me!! Several friends found some amazing quilts in our antique tour. All of them just divine. I'm not sure if there is anything more fun than junking with several fun friends!

Back to my Whatever Vignette… Here are some of my little elements…

Vintage Typewriter with sign from Katy Girl Design

This typewriter was one of my favorite finds… it was only $30, a total deal! I've paired it with my sign from Katy Girl Designs. You have to run over and check out Katy's shop. Its lovely!!

Vintage Canon Camera

Next, I have a fun biscuit tin as a base for my vintage fan and Canon camera. The camera belonged to my Grandfather and I love having it out on display. It reminds me of his curiosity and love of life and it makes me happy to see it sitting there all day.

antique glass with felted foxes felt balls

I have always been in love with felted balls and have made many projects with them, but I was dying when we opened a whole package from FeltedFoxes during our craft time at Meg's.  I've made felt balls… I even have a tutorial on how to make them. They aren't easy and take quite a bit of time and effort to  make. I think I will just order them from now on from FeltedFoxes and save the time and effort! I love how they look in my emerald Depression Glass… just stunning!

Create sign from Little Branches

I LOVE my new Little Branches CREATE sign. It's just so perfect for my house. I love the colors and the gold accents! It's just so cheery!

Vintage Kodak Camera

I used  fabric in old embroidery hoops to add color and texture to the display and peppered in more cameras from my vintage camera collection.   I'm just so in love with this display. It may stay up for a few months while I soak in all the vintage goodness!

Spring Vingnette from WhipperBerry

Are you a junker? What do you like to collect?


  1. says

    I need to make up a dozen more of those little buntings and send them your way- you are a gem!  They look amazing on your wreath and I'm dying over those emerald depression glass dishes.  Swoon!!


  2. says

    Wow girl!!!  I am in love with your display!!!  So fun and full of color and vintage goodness!!!  I wish I had some places around me that had that kind of fun old time things.  That typewriter is incredible!!!

  3. says

    LOVEing that bench you got. Beautiful! And what a killer deal on the typewriter. I really enjoy seeing what others find when thrifting and vintage shopping.

  4. says

    I love everything about this post Heather! Look at all the color.  Your styling is thhhhhhhe beesssst.  Always.  xoxo


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