Fabric Wrapped Mason Jar Vases

This fabric wrapped mason jar vases post, brought to you by Michaels Craft Stores // How many times have you been shopping in Michaels Crafts and gathered up everything thing that you need for a project and then sent up this wish to the craft fairy… "I wish Michaels had FABRIC!" I know I have about a MILLION times. To have such a lovely craft store without fabric was just sooooo sad. Well, my 1,000,001 wish was granted! Michaels now has a simple fabric section!! They have a fun selections of several types of fabric from your basic cotton all the way up to your fancy burlap…

Michaels New Fabric Section

Each fabric comes in different lengths from 18 inches up to 2 Yards and has a comparable price point to other fabric stores. This is perfect for simple projects like my fabric wrapped Mason jars, or even a stunning cotton quilt, depending on your skill level. Michaels sent me some fabric to try out and I fell in love with the canvas key print fabric…

Michaels Fabric

Aren't those keys just divine? The feel and the weight of the fabric is just perfect as well. I have to say, Michaels didn't compromise on quality at all. I used this fabric to wrap a Mason jar that I was using as a vase for a table center piece. It's so simple, I'm almost embarrassed to share…

wrap your jar with Michaels fabric for a fun designer look

Fabric Wrapped Mason Jar Vases Supply List


Take your fabric and measure how wide you need your fabric strip to be. Mine is about 3 inches, but it will be different based on what jar you select. Make a little snip one inch in from the edge of the fabric, and rip the fabric all the way down. This will give you a rough edge on both sides of your strip. Then measure in three inches (or whatever your measurement will be) make another snip and rip all the way down again. You will then have a lovely fabric strip with rough edges on both sides. 

Next, wrap it around your jar and measure how much fabric you will need to wrap the jar completely and then trim the excess fabric. With this canvas I was pleasantly surprised at how I didn't need anything other than the twine to secure the fabric. The fabric has kind of a velcro type quality, so I wrapped the jar and then just secured the fabric with some Divine Twine and that was it! No hot glue or glue of any type needed at all. 

Just rip your fabric to get a lovely rough edge

This is a great way to dress up any table from a simple dinner to a large scale event like a wedding or such. The best part… you can get all the fabric you need at Michaels… YAY!!

What else would you make with some of this fun fabric from one of our favorite craft stores?

Disclaimer // I received free product from Michaels Craft Stores for this post. However, all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my very own.


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    That's awesome! Michaels has been missing out on some major $$$ for a long time by not selling fabric. I can't wait to go check it out. 

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