DIY Jingle Bell Ornaments

DIY Jingle Bell Ornaments // One of my favorites at this time of year are jingle bells! I love the songs, the stories and the bells themselves. One time last year I walked into a beautiful shop in Colorado called Old Glory Antiques and they had a giant rustic German bread bowl FULL of jingle bells…  I was in Heaven! Here is my Instagram collage of the place…


I knew I had to make something with jingle bells. It needed to be beautiful and easy to make, so I created my DIY Jingle Bell Ornament…

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-2

DIY Jingle Bell Ornament Supplies

48 inches of red 1/4" wide grosgrain ribbon

24 inches of 2" wide decorative ribbon

41 medium size jingle bells

2 inches of masking tape

hot glue or floral wire

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-4

DIY Jingle Bell Ornament Directions

Take your 48 inches of small red ribbon and cut in half (24 inches.) Then using the masking tape place little pieces of tape around all four ends. You are essentially making needles at each end of the ribbon. This will make it easier to feed the bells onto the ribbon.

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-8

Take one of the bells and feed it onto both of strands of ribbon.

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-9

This is going to be your center bell so, pull it to the middle of both of the ribbons.

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-10

Next, spread out the four different ends and add one bell to each end and pull to the center.

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-11

Now all you have to do is continue to add bells to each strand. Ten total on each strand.

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-12

Now, scrunch them down so that they are over lapping and close to the center.

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-13

Gather each of the ribbons together and arrange the bells to your liking and then gather the ribbon together and tie with a large loop at the top.

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-14

Make sure the knot is really tight and then trim the ends pretty close to the knot.

Tie a bow with the large ribbon and either hot glue the ribbon to the knot or use floral wire to wire it to the knot. I don't actually tie the bow on the ornament because of the bulk of the wide ribbon. Voilá, you are finished!

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-15

It's perfect for your Christmas tree, they are so easy, you can make a whole bunch for your tree. Or,  you can use it to decorate a wreath. Either way, it's super fun. 

WhipperBerry Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-3

 What's your favorite holiday item? Are you a jingle bell lover too?





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