Bring Back Dessert with Dessertify

Who’s tired of skipping dessert? We are all trying so hard to be good most of the time, wouldn’t it be fun to get a little bit of that sweet that we crave without all the guilt! I’m super excited to tell you guys about a project that I’ve been working on over the last several months with the crew from FiberOne®


The crew at FiberOne® has created the new website called Dessertify and we are on a mission to BRING BACK DESSERT!! They’ve assembled a crack crew of food bloggers, gave all of us a mission to find some simple dessert hacks that hovered right around 200 calories… Not an easy mission I assure you. How can you pack all that sweet goodness into such a low calorie profile? Well… You use some great FiberOne® products as your base and the rest is easy!!

I created five different “dessert hacks” for Dessertify, and I’m super excited to finally be able to introduce you to my creations…


Lemon Peach Melba Bar

Let’s just say, the Aussies got it right when they put raspberries and peaches together… I upped the ante with the addition of lemon. Together this dessert hack is like summer on a plate! At just under 200 calories, this dessert hack will for sure bring that fruity sweet back into your life! Click on the Lemon Peach Melba Bar link above to go to Dessertify and get the recipe.


 Cinnamon Coffee Cake Rice Pudding Parfait

This dessert hack will take you right back to grandma’s kitchen. This down home concoction of cinnamon coffee cake paired with rice pudding brings comfort dessert back into style. Top it off with some golden raisins and you have a dessert that will warm you even on the coldest night. This dessert at roughly 215 calories will earn grandma’s seal of approval for sure!


Butterscotch Mousse Parfait

This dessert hack will take you to sweet and salty heaven. Check this out… Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie FiberOne® Bar paired with butterscotch pudding, whipped topping, and crushed pretzels… Yea, it’s aaaamazing! At roughly 221 calories this is a sweet & salty fan’s delight.


Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mousse

This one is a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s like dunking your cookies in milk, but soooo much better! The addition of a light chocolate mousse just takes this experience to a whole new level. Sitting right around 255 calories, your midnight cookie craving will be something you can truly enjoy!


Blueberry Streusel Parfait

I adore frozen yogurt and this combination of FroYo with the Blueberry Streusel FiberOne® Bar is heavenly! This dessert hack comes in right around 250 calories and is one of my favorites!

Come on over to Dessertify and see all of the other amazing dessert hack ideas. You won’t have to feel guilty after you indulge in dessert anymore!!!

Disclaimer // This post is brought to you by FiberOne®. I received product and payment for my recipe ideas. As always all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my very own and I will never post about products that I don’t truly believe in.


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    Heather! This is amazing!! I’m one of those “I-eat-healthy-but-secretly-hate-it” type gals and cannot wait to try some of these friendlier desserts! Thanks for sharing. Love your beautiful site!

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