Agave Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Agave Chicken Lettuce Wraps (2)

Agave Chicken Lettuce Wraps // Maybe you have heard of agave syrup, but haven't taken the leap of trying it yet! I am like you, and probably wouldn't have, had I not visited a spa that served lettuce wraps with it as a dressing. After having those tasty lettuce wraps, I had to come home and … [Read more...]

Simple Taco Hand Pies

Taco Hand Pies with Kraft Shredded Cheese by WhipperBerry-6

This post brought to you by Kraft® // Holiday entertaining can be a little overwhelming. Especially when you are hosting family or friends for several days. You can't have a Turkey with all the fixin's at every meal. That would be way to much work, not to mention hard on the wallet. You … [Read more...]

{Recipe} Roasted Corn Salsa

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These days salsas aren’t just about jalapenos and tomatoes. I see all kinds of unique ingredients, like this corn salsa for instance. True, the old standbys are mixed in, but I love the idea of adding a bit of a twist with the main ingredient of toasted corn kernels. Stir in a squeeze of fresh … [Read more...]