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+ These Savory Christmas Gifts & free printable tags brought to you by WHIPPERBERRY + Not everyone has the time or the desire to spend hours and hours baking cookies and watching your handmade caramels on the stove this time of year. Many of us have too many thing on our plate for handmade … [Read more...]

How to Package your Homemade Vanilla

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Now that we've all had a chance to get our Homemade Vanilla project started... It's time to start dressing up our bottles to get them ready to give as gifts in a few weeks. {yes, the holiday season is NOT that far away!} First, The bottle. I decided on recycling some single serving 187ml … [Read more...]

{The Corn Cob} A Cute Treat for your Halloween Parties

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From a very early age in my life I knew the principle of... "Presentation is Everything" was a very true principle. I was always on the look out for fun and innovative ways to WOW my friends and family with whatever trinket or goodie I was presenting them with.  The same holds true … [Read more...]

{Lifestyle Crafts Review} DIY Holiday Gift Tags

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Far be it from me to put a rush on things... but whether we like it on not, the HOLIDAYS are around the corner!! My motto this year {yes, I am borrowing it from the Boy Scouts} BE PREPARED. The only way that we are going to be able to create a fun handmade holiday season is to start now and this is … [Read more...]

Valentine Cookie Cartons

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I am in love with Valentine’s Day this year.  I just can’t get enough of it and all the fun creations that come with it.  Again… packaging is everything!!  I made some fun heart shaped chocolate chip cookies the other day, and thought this would be a fun Valentine goodie, but what should I put it … [Read more...]