So Good, So Sweet Story

Have you ever had a month that just didn’t turn out the way you had planned or wanted? That was my March this year. It started out fine and then by St. Patrick’s Day it took a drastic turn for the worse. That Sunday, I started with what I thought was a stomach bug and by the end of the week on Friday I was in the hospital being prepped for emergency gallbladder surgery. Not exactly what I had on the schedule for the week. What was on the schedule for the following week was a business trip that my husband couldn't reschedule. The week after that my kiddos were on Spring Break and we had planned to take them to California for a beach trip that week. A few weeks later I had Snap {a creative blogging conference} on the schedule so with all of those things I DID NOT have time for surgery.

My gallbladder and I parted ways Friday afternoon and I made my way home to my four kiddos Saturday afternoon. My sweet husband kissed me goodbye Monday afternoon and then I was on my own. With the help from several amazing friends feeding us and taking care of my little guy during the day, we made it through the week. On to the next week and packing up four kiddos and my sweet husband for a beach trip to good ole’ California. At this point I have the stamina of a fruit fly and the idea of packing up the family let alone trekking off to vacation with them was not high on my list. However, you know that once you have promised the kids a fun trip, a fun trip must be had. So… I put on my big girl pants on and headed off to the coast with my fabulous family.

After driving for 5 hours we decided to head out to Laguna Beach to check out the sites. I wanted to capture some fun beach pictures with the kiddos and thought that this might be the perfect time. Now as many Momarazzies know… Capturing good pictures of your kiddos can usually be torture for all parties. Mom turns into a crazy woman and the kids go off the deep end because Mom is acting like a NUT. That night, I didn’t have the energy to act like a nut and in turn the kiddos didn’t freak out either. We headed to the beach, found an open area and proceeded to just PLAY.

The evening then turned magical. Here we were, together as a family enjoying the beautiful beach. Everyone was thrilled to be on vacation, thrilled to be together and magically getting along. The light was perfect, the colors were dancing and I had the time of my life capturing my kiddos fun personalities. It was one of those unexpected so good, so sweet moments.

I had been a little blue with the complications of the month and to have such a sweet experience with my family took everything that was weighing on my shoulders and helped them all melt away. It was the perfect opening to our trip and suddenly it didn’t matter that my energy was low. We worked around it and had a fabulous time soaking up the California sun together.

What is your unexpected so good, so sweet story?


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  1. says

    What a cute family you have!! I’m so glad you were able to enjoy that time together on the beach, away from it all :) The pics are beautiful! Can’t wait to meet you at SNAP!!

  2. says

    LOVED the story! Sounds like it ended up being perfect. LOVE those signs your kiddos are holding. Where did you get them/how did you make them?

  3. Amber H says

    Sweet story. Moments at the beach with your family are the BEST!!

    I too had surgery in March to have my gall bladder removed. So I totally know where you’re coming from! No energy and sore, but you made the best of it and it made wonderful everlasting memories! :)

  4. lenae Trent says

    Where did you get those adorable number signs? I am in love! They totally make the picture. I need some. Did you make them or find them somewhere? Do tell PLEASE!

  5. carma says

    Could you tell me where you purchased your number signs? I have searched the web and can’t find them. Thanks!


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