Hello there… I’m Heather the creator, author, editor, photographer, bookkeeper and janitor of WhipperBerry. I currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska but I am a Colorado girl at heart.

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I started WhipperBerry on July 1st of 2010 right not too long after the birth of my first little guy… our little tag along. Oh he’s not my first… he has three big sisters. Above all I am a wife and mother to these fabulous kiddos of mine and my sweet and supportive husband.

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I have always been a creative person. I love photography, decorating, cooking, baking, crafting, creating parties, graphic design… you know, I kind of love it all. I also love to share what I’m working on whether it be for the home, for gifting, for the holidays, for school or for the table.

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crepe cake /// chocolate pudding /// cherry sauce

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teacher gifts /// ink effects blanket /// cuddle bug onesie

I’m self-taught in generally everything that I do. I started the blog because I wanted to push myself to become a better photographer and this was the perfect way for me to do that along with sharing my passions.

Starting WhipperBerry was a way to push myself to do something that’s a little scary really. Putting myself out there and opening myself up to the world is terrifying at times. As scary as it can be, it keeps me on my toes and pushes me to be a better person everyday and I LOVE it!

I’m not perfect… far from it.  My house is generally in WhipperBerry chaos about 75% of the time.


As much as I love home design and decorating, my home is not perfect.  Here is a post that talks a little about my home situation… My Little Secret.

Another issue of mine… I’m a terrible writer and 95% of my post are most likely grammatically incorrect with crazy punctuation all over the place.  I’m rather fond of the … All this drives my sister-in-law with the masters in English a tab bit batty. I’m sorry, if you are one of those types you may need to just learn to love me as I am or go and read my sister-in-laws blog… she will be spot on grammatically 100% of the time. However, I do hope you come back to WhipperBerry to check out all the fun!


What is a WhipperBerry?

The name WhipperBerry is a name that I created back in 2010 for my short lived etsy shop {I decided I just didn’t like mass production.}  I’ve always loved whimsical names and I wanted a name for my blog that had no meaning so that I could create the meaning. I took Whipper from Whippersnapper and berries, which I just adore and smooshed the two together.  There you have it. the boring story of WhipperBerry.

How often do you post?

Generally speaking I post 5-6 days a week.  I have however, decided there are times when the family needs to come before the blog. I have had times where I unplug for a few days. Rest assured, I will always return!

How can you make a living blogging full time?

It’s true, blogging takes a lot of time and work and to do it well, full time and to help with the family finances. It takes a tremendous amount of time away from the family and It’s all a balancing act that is a bit of an art form.

When I started WhipperBerry in July of 2010 I was still working a part-time job to supplement the family funds {or shall we say my love of shopping!} In December of that year, my husband and I decided that we would take the leap and see if I could make it as a full time blogger. I took a six month leave of absence from my job and the rest is history. I never went back and I’ve been a full-time blogger ever since.

In order to do that I’ve incorporated ad networks into the blog along with private sidebar advertising.  I also have to take some paying gigs at times. I want you to know as readers, I will never take a gig that I don’t truly believe in and would use the product that I’m blogging about as a private consumer.

Having the freedom to create the kind of site I can be proud of is what I strive for everyday and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming back day after day to share in my world and my creations.

How can you follow WhipperBerry?

You can find me almost anywhere, and yes… I will answer to WhipperBerry, or Whipper if needed. I spend most of my time on the blog, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, but you can find me on Twitter and Google+ as well.






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What blogging platform do you use?

I love WordPress and I use the self-hosted WordPress platform for WhipperBerry.  I ADORE my hosting company Orange Geek. If you are looking for a great company to host your blog Orange Geek is the way to go!!

If you have any other questions about me or the blog feel free to contact me heather {at} whipperberry {dot} com!