12 Days of Christmas~Day Five~Bows {Event}

On the fifth day of Christmas my true friend gave to me…

12 Days 074

…Five pretty bows to make my gifts lovely!

If you need all the fun details of this event check back to day one, and see what’s it’s all about!

Click on the image to download Kristin’s free printable for today:


Erin’s sweet Mom, Christi, volunteered (or was volunteered) to help with the bow tutorial.  Thanks Christi!!

Bows are amazingly simple!!  All you need are…

12 Days 047

  • Ribbon {I like the wired ribbon because you can shape it better, but any will do.}
  • Some type of wire or pipe cleaners.
  • Scissors

12 Days 048  12 Days 050

Take the ribbon in your left hand (if you are a righty like me), and create a loop with the end of the ribbon inside the loop.

12 Days 052

Take the ribbon, twist it so that the right side of the ribbon is up and make another loop to the side of the center loop.

12 Days 053

On the opposite side of the center loop, twist the ribbon again to make sure the right side of the ribbon is on top and make another loop.

12 Days 054

Continue to twist, turn and create loops until you have two to three on either side of the center loop.

12 Days 059  12 Days 061  12 Days 062

Once all of the loops are created, take your wire and thread it through the center loop.  Pinch the ribbon together and twist the wire to secure the ribbon.  Cut the tail of the ribbon to the desired length.

There you go! An easy and inexpensive gift for your friends to dress up their packages, trees, wreaths or what ever they like.  What wouldn’t look better with a bow anyway?

Happy Merry Making!  Can’t wait for everyone to link up on the 13th with all of your fun projects.  Don’t forget, we want to see what you have been up to.



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