Hot Chocolate on a Stick {Gift Idea}


Yes you heard me right…Hot Chocolate on a Stick!!  This is the cutest idea of the season and I just had to share.  I was inspired by Make and Takes via Pen & Paperflowers, thanks ladies!!


First, make the Chocolate Ganache Blocks… {Click on the image to see the recipe}


Next, make the homemade Rustic Marshmallows… {Click on image to see recipe.}


Then you assemble.  Place a ganache block on the bottom, a marshmallow on top, then skewer with a stick. 


Embellish the stick with Divine Twine or ribbon…


Try to resist eating them all, and package them up to give to your friends and neighbors…


I’ll make it even easier…here is a free printable tag for your tasty little gifts {click on image to print tags}

Hot Chocolate on a Stick printable copy

When you are finished…heat up some milk, pour it in a mug, and give your little treat a try…yum!


And the best part about this treat? It can be given and enjoyed all winter long, not just during the holidays! It would be a fun thing to serve at any New Year’s party!







  1. says

    Thanks to Vickidesigner, I discovered your blogspot. This sounds so delicious, & I just love making homemade gifts for friends and family. This will be perfect. I am now a new follower. I hope you will come visit my blog sometime.
    :) CAS

  2. sandie fletcher says…on behalf of my kids ..who you will hear shrieking in the morning..and myself..YUMMO thanks for sharing..we’ll be doing this and the felt balls..most delightful!!

  3. Melissa says

    Hi! I LOVE this idea for christmas gifts to teachers, dance, bus drivers, etc. However, I just made a sample batch of the chocolate, but it doesn’t seem firm enough? SHould I put it in the refrig? Thanks!

  4. Palms says

    I made these but the ganache was too soft, it was sticking to everything so I covered it with sifted cocoa powder, kind of like a truffle. Also, there’s a typo in the pre-made labels. The “chocolate” in the instructions is missing an A =\

  5. Chelsea says

    Great idea. I’ve been excited for a couple of months to try these but they didn’t work out. Just tried making them but the chocolate ganache blocks are too sticky and keep sticking to the cellopane. Depressing.

  6. savannah says

    these would be even better if instead of using sticks, you use candy canes !!!!! so you can mint hotchoclate : ) would be lovely!

    • Linda Cain says

      I too tried to copy down the recipe but can’t get the one for the marshmellows. It’s Says it is GONE.
      HELP, would really like to make these.

  7. Erin says

    Thanks for this great idea, and for sharing your printable tags – I made these this year and loved giving them…and of course had to sample a couple. It’s so great to have something that presents so well that also tastes amazing!

  8. nic says

  9. Miranda says

    This is so cute! I’m definitely going to make these. The link for the marshmallows isn’t working anymore. Is there somewhere else to find the recipe?

  10. Stephanie says

    Totally cute I am using this recipe for Teacher Appreaction !!! I tried to access the marshmallow portion of the recipe but it seems not to be there. Is there any way you can email to me? I would appreciate it so much!! Have an awesome day.

  11. says

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  12. Nadine says

    I love this idea! Would it be possible for you to update the labels (chocolate is spelled incorrectly on the second tag). Thanks!

  13. LakeladyP says

    Would love to make the Hot Chocolate on a Stick, but the Marshmallow link does not work. Is there somewhere I could go to get that part of the recipe?

  14. Shelley says

    I would love to make these also!! The Marshmallow Recipe is still “gone” and I was wondering if you could email it to me? Also, did you have a solution to the “too sticky” issue for the ganache that several of the comments mentioned? Thank you – I’m looking forward to trying these…!!!


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