1. ellie g says

    Dear Whipper Chicks,
    Although I have sorta sworn off blogging for the holidays….I feel compelled to tell you that your blog is amazing.

    And I think you are all almost too talented to be real people. And to accuse you of being completely perfect and wonderful.

    And to tell you that your chocolate marshmallows are gonna be my desktop photo for a couple days. Just cause they make me happy.

    With the deepest respect, and the hope, that one day I will garner .0678% of your talent and taste. A hugely improbable wish, I know.

    Merry Christmas!!
    Lara {aka Ellie g}

  2. Roz McClary says

    I just found this website! I loved the hot chocolate on a stick and so did my friends that I made it for! Great Ideas!
    Urban Closet, Arizona

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