{Review}Thirty-One Retro Metro Bag

WB 037 copy

Let’s get a few things out in the air…

I may live under a rock, but until sweet Robyn, an independent consultant from Thirty-One, contacted me, I had never heard of Thirty-One bags. But I have now!


Robyn sent me the Retro Metro Bag to take for a test drive and I would have to say I’m a bit of a bag snob, so I had the full intention of being really tough on this little find, and not letting anything hide under the rug.  Well I have to admit it, this bag has won me over!!

I am one of those girls that likes my designer bags, and will even use a designer diaper bag… I know, I’m a tad crazy!!  The thing is just going to get loaded up with spilled formula, cracker crumbs, and a few other things that we won’t mention because they are just too gross to talk about.  I wasn’t too sure how I would like to transition to this cute tote for my everyday bag/diaper bag.  Let’s just say… it had me at hello!

WB 043 copy

To keep it real, this afternoon when I was getting ready to photograph the bag I thought that rather than taking everything out, and staging it perfectly, I was going to photograph it AS IS!!  Diapers, Goldfish crackers, and all.  I love that I can carry all of the necessary items close at hand.  Let’s just be honest here, a toddler is almost worse than an infant to plan and pack for.  This bag holds it all.

WB 054 copy

  • My SeamsMod diaper clutch {Thank you once again Heather from SeamsMod…I am still madly in love with this little bag}
  • My wallet
  • Books {I have 5 small to medium board books for my little guy}
  • My Think Baby Bento Box full of Goldfish crackers
  • Toys galore
  • My Baggu bags… yes this girl has gone green!  The cool thing, I can carry like 6 Baggu bags in my Retro Metro Bag {along with everything else} and be ready for the market at all times!!
  • My little guy’s Think Baby sippy cup

WB 046 copy

I love how the side pockets are extra large, and can hold anything from a large sippy cup to a medium sized notebook.  It has fabulous inside zipper pockets for my lip gloss, and pockets for my cell phone and iPod to boot!  Not to mention, the fact that it is super cute with its fabulous polka-dots and frayed edges.  What more could a girl need?

Robyn, what can I say, I owe you big my friend!  This is a great bag.  Thanks for sharing the love!

Head on over to Robyn’s site and shop around. Thirty-One has so many great styles—totes, baskets, cooler bags, you name it, they’ve got it (and they’re cute too).  Here’s their special for the month of April:


Isn’t that great?!  Head on over and tell Robyn that WhipperBerry sent ya!




  1. PressedDownShakenTogether says

    I LOVE Thirty One – can't remember what in the world I did without all of my bags, totes and organizers! And your gray mod dot pattern is my favorite :)


  2. [email protected] says

    Just had a thirty-one party last weekend! Love their stuff…mmm hmmm.

  3. Mama Robyn says

    AWWW. i am soooo Glad that you loved it. I love to hear when other people love the things I love. Thanks so much for reviewing it. I hope if your readers want or need any fun gifts they will think of me. thanks again Heather.


  4. newlywedcooks says

    My cousin sells this and I never had heard about it before she told me about it! I have to buy it all… I love fun prints and purses!

  5. Mariel says

    I found your blog while doing a google on Retro Metro bag. Like you I love the insane amount of things it holds. Unfortunately I'm unhappy with it's quality. Yours has a very nice fray at the top while mine just has all these threads hanging all over the place and it already got a hole below the inside pocket. I am so sad because I don't think you can find another bag to hold what this one holds. Glad yours worked out!

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