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I am a girl who is all about the details, and good packaging is one of my first loves in life.  Even as a little girl I could feel it in my bones when I knew that something could be dressed up a little cuter or more sophisticated.  Now, that doesn’t mean that you run out and grab bright red lipstick and the loudest jewelry possible… sometimes {oh let’s face it, almost all the time} less is more.  I have a few loves in my packaging arsenal and one of my new loves are the Bity Bags from Whisker Graphics!  


Recently, I used them as my business cards at Evo’11.  I did this for two reasons…


  • 1st, they stand out.  I guarantee you that they will not get lost in a sea other other cards that have been collected throughout the day. 


  • 2nd, it creates a nifty little holder for the recipient to stash the other cards they have collected.  This means that your card will always be on top! 


Bitty Bags 016


I have a few other items that I love to keep on hand in my packaging kit…


Sarah 004


Quickly a few other items that I love and use often are…

  • Washi Tape ~ love the simplicity of this little gem from Japan.  I typically buy mine off of Etsy from a variety of different shops. 


  • Glassine Bags ~ this is another one of my loves.  For years everyone has been using clear cellophane bags for goodie bags. I think that the glassine bag is the best of both worlds.  It shows just a hint of the goodie inside while still keeping a little bit of the secret.  It also has an added bonus… you can run them through your printer!! I know you can buy these in small quantities on Etsy as well.


  • Divine Twine ~ I LOVE Divine Twine!!  It just adds that little burst of color that can add a touch of class to almost anything.


Bitty Bags 029

  • An alphabet rolling stamp ~ I love fun vintage looking stamps of all kinds, but I especially love my rolling alphabet stamp.  Oh the things you can create with this tasty treat are unlimited. I bought mine on Etsy as well.


  • Fabrics & Trims ~ I am constantly on the look out for fun fabrics and trims that I can add to dress up a simple package.  My favorite right now is the little mini pom poms that I found at the local fabric store.  Aren’t they dainty?


These are just a little sample of what I keep on hand in my packaging vaults.  I’m super excited and working on getting my ducks in a row because I will be teaching a packaging class at Snappy Quilts in Greenwood Village, Colorado in September.  I don’t have many details yet, but I will pass them along as they become available. 

What are your favorite items to keep on hand?  Are you a traditional kind of crafter or someone who likes to think outside the box?  I would LOVE to know!!





  1. Aleks says

    thanks so much for this post! i am trying to get my packaging 'niche' down and have seen so many awesome ways. my favorite is brown paper bags and twine or the glassine bags and twine.

  2. Michelle Paige says

    What a fun post! I love to package with bright colored paper sacks and I can't package anything without RIBBON! I look for ribbon everywhere…thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, etc. I can never have enough.

  3. Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya says

    are you reading my mind!? I was JUST looking at these last night! I decided on the white glassine bags & some blue bakers twine since I have fancy tags, but STILL! love it. I need that wood tote you carry it all in!

  4. Kelly (Seaux Southern) says

    Great idea! Love that other cards can be stored inside and yours will always be on top!

  5. ginger @ literally inspired says

    All of your posts make me so happy. They are always styled so nicely.

    I love your packaging ideas. There is nothing better than receiving a really awesome gift with fantastic packaging. Thank you for sharing. I love the caddy you have of all your supplies. Very cute and so organized.

    Ginger @ Literally Inspired

  6. Maureen says

    I just ordered some Divine Twine from them! So excited to do some cute packaging with it. I LOVE the business card idea with the little bags!

  7. Angie @ Gathered and Sown says

    I just LOVE all of your pictures and ideas. Great…another blog I HAVE to follow :) Thanks for sharing. I make handbags, so I find packaging a little tricky, but you gave me some great ideas. Thanks!

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