Friday Flair Link Party // Happiness Edition

Happy {almost} Friday… Time for Friday Flair! This has been an interesting month or so at the WhipperBerry house. So many big changes, so many fragile emotions to have to carefully handle. With the surprise move 1200 miles away we were bound to have challenges with each person in the family. I immediately kicked into high gear making sure my teenager feel like she still had a place in the world, helping my middle schooler traverse new middle school waters, and tempering my spunky third grader so she didn’t take her new class by storm. The little guy was no problem.  As long as he has food and shelter he’s good. 

The girls are now doing great, but I sat down this week and realized that I haven’t had the time to take care of ME emotionally. Quite frankly, I found myself struggling. I left some pretty amazing people behind in Vegas and I miss them terribly. Sooooo, when this little image popped up on my Instagram feed from Rhonna Farrer it was like she was speaking directly to ME…

thanksgiving decoration

img source // rhonna designs blog

Now, Rhonna’s post is about the election and it’s great, but the quote spoke to me in a different way. It reminded me to look beyond the obvious, get out of my head and find the happiness. Happiness is a choice and sometimes I tend to forget that. Thanks for the inspiration Rhonna…


Now it’s Time for Friday Flair!

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    Thanks so much for hoping! I hope you have a great weekend with some time to take care of YOU! :)
    I seriously cannot imagine the stress of moving!

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    Thanks so much for hosting! Moving quickly can do that to a mom…it is hard to remember to take care of ourselves because we see all the other needs that need to be addressed. I hope you are able to settle in and find some new support and friends quickly. Take care!

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    I can’t imagine just how awful it must’ve been for you to uproot so suddenly. The poster is a great example of hope, love it. In the UK, even if you move what is considered a ‘long’ way away that’s a maximum of 6 hrs away at the max which obviously can be done in a day; sometimes even flights too. The US is sooo big, I often forget just how big it is! Keep looking at that poster, girl! :)

    Thanks for hosting too. Take care and chin up.

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    Here’s the link:


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