Holiday Decorating with Sterling Pear // GIVEAWAY

Pinch me… I have found the perfect stocking hanger from Sterling Pear (who was recently featured on HGTV) and I am so excited to share it with you guys today!

Holiday Decorting with Sterling Pear

Have you heard of Sterling Pear? I hadn’t until they contacted my about reviewing some of their products. I thought it was just a run of the mill holiday décor company, but I was so wrong. Sterling Pear is an online boutique that specializes in innovative holiday décor solutions! For example, the stocking hangers…

Stocking Hangers by Sterling Pear  Sterling Pear Stocking Hangers

They are brilliant! I selected the Stocking Scroll to use with my faux mantle. It’s perfect for ornate type edges and will hold your stocking perfectly in place without causing any damage to your wood work. It’s masterfully designed to use counter weight in conjunction with a special grip pad that holds it in place without causing any damage to your mantle, or faux mantle in my case. It can even hold a filled stocking up to ten pounds!!! I LOVE them!!

I also took their adjustable wreath hanger for a test drive.  Again another very innovative product. 

Sterling pear wreath hanger

wreath hanger from Sterling Pear  Adjustable wreath hanger from Stearling Pear

The adjustable wreath hanger is perfect for any size door and it has protective pads at all the pressure points to protect your door.  They also have these amazing garland ties designed to be not only stylish but functional… Think wired twist tie that looks great, is functional and protects your wood work.

Garland Ties from the Sterling Pear

founders of Sterling was launched by two friends, Heather Dietrich and Janet Hayden, in time for the 2007 holiday season. What started with a different idea altogether, designing and selling Christmas decorating kits, morphed into something else entirely. As part of the Christmas decorating kits we ended up designing an ornament storage chest unlike any other that had ever existed. It was luxurious and sophisticated, something fitting to hold the treasures of one's collection of precious heirloom ornaments. It was like a jewelry box for your ornaments. We new we had something special and we decided to just focus on this box since we didn't have the time and funds to roll out the whole kit at that time. We launched with our Keepsake Ornament Storage Chest and a few other Christmas decorating products. And every year we've been adding new products ever since, with an emphasis on ingenious design and sophistication.

Our most popular item last year was the Candy Cane Stocking Hanger.

Candy Cane Stocking Hangers from The Sterling Pear

Last year it was a total surprise how quickly the Candy Cane Stocking Hangers sold out! We did not predict they would be as popular as they were. They are a bit more cute and whimsical than our other metal finished stocking hangers and we just didn't know how they would sell with our normal elegant and sophisticated product line. Last year we started with approx 1,200 Candy Cane Stocking Hangers ready for the holiday season and, to our surprise, they sold out in less than four days! Now for this year, the 2012 holiday season, we have an enormous supply on hand and we think we are prepared for the demand. We just hope they last through the end of Christmas!

What's so exciting about all of our Stocking Hangers is that they are child and pet friendly. The weight of the stocking pulls down on the stocking hanger and holds it securely to the mantel. And even if the stocking hanger did come off, they only weigh a few ounces and wouldn't hurt your little ones! (Unlike the heavy, clunky type of stocking hangers that sit on top of the mantel, which could injure a child if they were to tug on the stocking.)

The lovely ladies at Sterling Pear would love to give away an elegant Home Décor prize pack to one of you!! That would include a set of four stocking hangers, an adjustable wreath hanger and a set of garland ties. SCORE!! Just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter box below to enter the giveaway…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those of you looking for a great deal on Sterling Pear products… They are having a free shipping day on December 17th!


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