Friday Flair Link Party // Wind and Willow Home Edition

Friday Flair Link Party // Happy Friday everyone!! We are in the middle of snow day part deux here in Lincoln. The funny thing, we really didn't get too much snow, maybe 6 inches at the most. For this Vegas family, snow days are a fun new idea that we are totally relishing, so we aren't complaining. We've decided that we are having a Harry Potter Marathon today and I'm sure some magic in the kitchen will happen.

This week has been a little slow around here, I know.  I have to admit… I'm in a bit of a creative slump at the moment. We all go through it at times. I actually took to my Facebook page last night to see what other's do when they lose their creative mojo. You should go check it out. There are several really good ideas. Come share some of your own, I would love to see how you stay creative when you're in a bit of a funk. But, Don't you worry… I'll be back with some fabulous ideas next week. 

Now for this week's inspiration… I've been craving the flavors of spring this week. I bet you couldn't tell after my 36 Spring Recipes that I want to try post.  I wanted to share some amazing salad bowls that I found from a stylish shop called Wind and Willow Home on Etsy. 


img source // 7 inch salad bowls wind and willow home from etsy

Aren't they just bright and cheery? I just love how they look and I would LOVE to share all of my favorite sping salads in these little beauties! Nice work Wind and Willow Home. You should go check out all of their work, everything that's in their shop is stunning!

Now let's get the PARTY Started!!





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    Hi Heather! Sorry to hear about your crafty mojo – I think that's something we all experience, hope it'll get back to you soon. Thank for the etsy tip and hosting! Have a happy weekend!

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    your "inspirations" are always breathtaking! have a great weekend


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