I Stand All Amazed Flip Chart for LDS Primary

I Stand All Amazed Flip Chart // Hey friends! I have a new calling at chuch, I’m the Primary Chorister!  One of the best callings ever!! For those of you who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon for short), Primary is our children’s program. Every week I get to teach the kiddos new songs and help them learn more about Jesus Christ through music. This month we are learning “I Stand All Amazed” and I thought I would share the flip chart that I created for my lesson. I used some illustrations from the aaaamazing Susan Fitch. You have to run over to her site and check out all of her beautiful illustrations.

This flip chart is for personal or church use only

Click HERE to download the full size “I Stand All Amazed” flip chart

I-stand-all-amazed--1 I-stand-all-amazed--2 I-stand-all-amazed--3 I-stand-all-amazed--4 I-stand-all-amazed--5 I-stand-all-amazed--6 I-stand-all-amazed--7 I-stand-all-amazed--8 I-stand-all-amazed--9 I-stand-all-amazed--10


  1. Jonelle Morris says

    It is the best calling ever and YOU are the best as well! Darling flip chart-can’t wait to see how it goes tomorrow. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Janine says

    Thanks so much! Such a blessing for me that you are so willing to share your talents. I really appreciate all the amazing other people who are called to this calling and share their talents so freely.

  3. says

    Thank you for posting this. I’m the chorister in my ward and sometimes I just run out of ideas. I didn’t know how I was going to teach this song today until I found your blog post! I’m definitely bookmarking your blog!! :)

  4. Christi says

    I love your flipchart! I am going to make it into small books for each of my kiddos in Primary. Any hope for the other two verses?

  5. Gina Kemp says

    Thank you for sharing your hard work with us! I am a newbie and have no idea how to make these wonderful flipcharts on my computer and I really appreciate your talent!

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