The New App in Town + Pippit

+ Have you heard of the new App in town… Pippit +


Joy Cho from Oh Joy is at it again… Together with Josh and Naomi Davis from Love Taza they have created a new mobile app that is perfect for bloggers and blog readers alike, Pippit.

Concept #1 – it’s an app similar to Instagram where you can share images or videos of your life. You can also share “pips” from your blog in your feed. Little snippets of your latest post. The cool thing… You can link outside of Pippit to other sites.

For example, I posted a photo yesterday on Instagram of my front porch with some flag buntings that several people liked, and they asked where I found the buntings. In Pippit I could place a dot on the buntings and add a link to the store where I purchased them or even better a direct link to the buntings and you could purchase them directly from your smartphone. BRILLIANT!


Concept #2 – If you have been looking for a good blog reader for your smartphone… this is your new ticket. I know that I have several blogs that I like to read everyday, however it can be a pain to go and search out those blogs each day, sometimes to only find out I’ve already read that post.

In Pippit, I can automatically add my rss feed and so my blog posts will automatically populate in my Pippit account. That way if you LOVE Whipperberry and you never want to miss a post… Follow me on Pippit and you won’t.

I can now follow all my favorite blogs on Pippit and when they have a new post it will automatically popup in my feed. Again, BRILLIANT!

Now here are somethings to keep in mind… This app is a new release. It is still technically in BETA stage and may still have some bug issues. Here’s my thought… Hang in there, get to know the app, bugs can be fixed. This is app is poised to take the smartphone/blog world by storm.

Another issue… This is a paid app.  For some that may be an issue. Joy, Josh & Naomi have decided to make it a paid app so that they don’t have to ever add advertising on the app. For me, that’s a non-issue. I’d rather pay a few bucks, $2.59 to be exact in order to not have ads on the app.

Here’s a quick video showing what you can do with Pippit.

If you decide to join Pippit Nation… Come follow me! As always, I’m WHIPPERBERRY!


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    Thanks for the informative post on this app. I’m deciding if I want to invest the time (the money is not that much of an issue) in another social media app. The concept is great. I know eventually, (like by the end of today) I’ll probably give in and fall hook, line and sinker.

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