{Friday Flair & Who I AM} Rachel from Maybe Matilda

Who I Am

Rachel from Maybe Matilda


I'm Rachel, the brains and undoubtedly-soon-to-be-arthritic crocheting hands behind Maybe Matilda the blog, and the etsy shop where I sell my crochet patterns and creations.

I'm a mom to an adorable one-year-old boy (who's somehow getting cuter an a daily basis) and a wife to a chiropractic student (who's almost done with school!). I'm a crocheter who has forgotten how to simply sit and watch a movie without having a project in my hands. I'm a victim–scratch that, a triumph–of the dreaded student budget who has learned to create what I want and need. I'm a real person who's not at all interested in pretending to be a perfect mom and a model wife in a spotless home filled with effortless projects (doesn't that sound exhausting?). I'm a would-be writer who wishes I had the inspiration, discipline, and talent to write a novel, but has happily taken up blogging to fill the void. And, maybe most importantly, I'm happy being me–after taking perfectionism and comparison for a test drive, I've learned to love what I have and who I am, and that's a pretty nice place to be.
Can I just say… I LOVE Rachel!  I love her style, I'm envious of her talent, I love her hair {I wish I could pull off a cute pixie} and I love her philosophy on life.  What an amazing lady!!  You need to run over and check out Maybe Matilda if you haven't already.  I'm telling ya… she's one to keep and eye on. Thanks for sharing today Rachel!!


Now it's Party Time!!!

It’s Friday Flair… show us what you have {Whipped-Up} this week!

Here are the sticky rules {you know rules are in place so that no one gets their feelings hurt or their eye poked out! So let’s play nice.}
  • Please link up only your own projects, and link to the specific post, not your blog home page. No Etsy shops or giveaways, please.
  • You must grab a WhipperBerry button from the sidebar and include it somewhere in the post you’re linking, or on your home page (a text link is great too).
  • Stay and mingle (remember, it’s a party!), and leave a couple comments for other guests!


  1. says

    I just love Rachel and her blog! Excited to see her here tonight, thanks ladies.

  2. says

    Thanks so much for the spotlight, and all the compliments . . . I’m blushing over here :-) And I think a lot more people can pull off this haircut than think they can–you ought to try it out!

  3. says

    Thanks for hosting a great party. Can’t wait to sit back and visit some of these fabulous links.


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