A Magical Day at Scentsy

I want you all to think back…

Think back to your favorite smell memory.  We all have them. It may be your grandmother baking snickerdoodles in the kitchen or an old boy friends favorite cologne.  Some of my favorite smell memories come from my grandparents avocado ranch in southern California. They had all kinds of fabulous fragrance opportunities, eucalyptus trees, fabulous floral concoctions and the citrus… oh the citrus! As a little girl I loved walking through their citrus grove taking in all of the lovely scents.  Fast forward a few years…

I was one of the lucky handful of bloggers invited to Meridian, Idaho to enjoy a fabulous Day at Scentsy.  I was thrilled!!  I traveled up to Boise from Las Vegas and had the fun opportunity to stay at the swank Hotel 43, beautiful by the way.

As I walked the halls in the stylish hotel to my room after all of the joys of traveling, ready to put my feet up. I opened my door to my hotel room and  walked right into heaven.  One of my favorite scent memories… Sunkissed Citrus!! I was right back in my Grandparent's citrus groove.  That my friends is the MAGIC of Scentsy!!

Boy I tell you, that started the whole trip of with FIREWORKS!! 

Scentsy if you don't already know, is the industry's leader in the wickless candle and ceramic warmers business. The company was founded by Orville and Heidi Thompson who had purchased the idea from some fabulous ladies who had created this fun new product, a wickless/ flameless candle warmed in their crock pot.  They were talented stay at home Mom's who had taken the idea as far as they wanted to go and gladly turned it over to Orville and Heidi's capable hands back in 2004. At the time they were definitely capable, but they were broke!  Orville and Heidi started the company inside an old shipping crate because they were too down in out to lease office space! Visit here to learn more of Orville and Heidi's inspiring story.

These were two people who most would say, had the deck stacked against them. They had every reason to fail or quite frankly, not even try.  But they did!  They exemplify a true "pull up your boot strap" mentality and went to WORK! With great attention to detail, seven years later they have created a company with a superior product. But far beyond that they have created a culture of GENEROSITY and AUTHENTICITY. They truly care about their employees and consultants.  Orville and Heidi know that these people sacrifice daily for THEIR dream and they don't ever forget that.


After a fun meet and greet with part of the executive team and all the bloggers we had dinner and then were whisked off to the quintessential Scentsy experience… A Scentsy Party!!


A Scentsy Party is one not to be missed. This is truly how these products are meant to be showcased.  It includes a few giggles, a belly laugh or two and all kinds of sharing about favorite scent memories.  Sooooo fun!!

The next morning we headed to Scentsy's Headquarters…


How fun is this place? We had breakfast with the Scentsy team and learned all about the design side of the company…


This was a DIYers dream!  It was amazing to see how much detail goes into each and every warmer design.  The attention to detail is astounding.  I PROMISE I will never complain about the price of a warmer ever again!!!

We then had a chance to meet Orville and Heidi and learn more about their vision for Scentsy…

top row: Tenielle Fiesty, frugal and Fabulous, Kari Ucreate, Heidi and Orville {Owners of Scentsy}, Juliet Juicy Stuff, Shelley House of Smiths and Amy Idea Room.

bottom row: Brooke All Things Thrifty, Kami No Biggie, Shelley How Does She, Me {yes looking like a total NERD}, and Cindy Skip to my Lou

I found it very interesting that on Orville's desk was a copy of this book…

Dare to Dream!! I LOVE that!! I haven't read the book, but maybe I should.  Just with that simple little book on his desk I found so much inspiration.

Then we moved onto Scent 101.  Time to get the smeller working into overdrive…


We learned so much!  Did you know that your smeller {technical I know} is a muscle? We had so much fun getting to know all of the scent families and how they play with each other. Some play nicer than others. I don't think we realize what a large role fragrance plays in our life.  It truly can make a house a HOME if used well.


All in all, this was a fantastic trip with an aaaamazing company and some super great friends.  I learned so much and am now Scentsy's biggest cheerleader!!  You have to go and check out their site and host a party. I PROMISE you are going to fall in LOVE!!

If you want to learn more visit Scenty's Blog or to view the new Fall/Winter Catalog to check out all of their fun products. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out all the fun inside scoop!

Thank you, thank you to the whole Scentsy team for putting this fun experience together.  You guys really know how to build an amazing product and company but… you sure know how to throw a great party!!

Here is  a parting shot of the gang on our way home, doing what we know how to do best…

Thanks Brooke for the fun pic!! Yes, we are all social media nerds!!


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    I LOVE that last picture!! You girls are so cute! And yes total social media nerds! haha I absolutely love Scentsy! My favorite smell is cranberry muffin!! mmm! Totally jealous of your fun trip. SO fun you got to get spoiled for the day! Isn’t that the best! ;)


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