Welcome to the New WhipperCafe

One of my greatest joys that I have discovered on this blogging journey is the joy that I feel when I make a connection with one of you guys, my readers.  I have been blogging with WhipperBerry for about a year and a half now and I have met so many fabulous people from all over the world.  Connections that I would have never made in a million years sitting here in my little home, with my little family here in Las Vegas.

For some time now I have been feeling like we need a bit more. I want to have more of a conversation with you all.  I want you guys to have a place to come and meet these fascinating people that I have had the privilege to meet.  A community where we can gather and feel uplifted by each other.  A place to pop in and chat for a minute about the news of the day or ask a question about a project you are working on. A place to just BE and to enjoy each others ideas and crazy sense of humor… That's when the idea of the WhipperCafe came to be.

The WhipperCafe is our new community created for us by Blogfrog and I am thrilled beyond belief and can't wait to introduce you guys to all the fun possibilities!  Let me take you on a little tour…

You can find the WhipperCafe right in the top navigation bar here on WhipperBerry right in between ABOUT and TUTORIALS.  Click on the tab and it will take you right into our own little community. First thing, you will need to do is join the community by clicking on the JOIN COMMUNITY button.  It's super easy and will only take a second.

You will see several tabs… first you have the welcome tab and it shows snippets of all the converstation going on. The Forum, this is where all the conversations will happen. Blog Posts, this is where you can see samples of blog post from our Community Leaders {more on them in a minute.} At the tail end we have our members tab.  You can visit there if you want to connect with some one who is a member of the group.

Within the Forum tab you will find all the fun converstation that are currently happening, or you can even start a converstion of your own.  To start a converstation click on the +NEW CONVERATION button.  To join a conversation click on the title of the chat.  Next to each chat you will be able to see how many people are chatting about that topic.

Click on the conversation title to join a chat. Once in the chat forum, all you have to do is read the conversation starter and then read everyone's comments. You can then join the chat by making a comment of your own…

Doesn't this sound FUN!!!  One thing I am super excited about is that I have a handful of fabulous people who are going to be our WhipperCafe Leaders. They are bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  Wonderful woman who I feel would be a hoot to get to know.  Many of them have been long time readers and many of them you have seen from time to time on the Friday Flair posts. 

Today we are going to kick-off the WhipperCafe with some great gals who have some fun stuff to chat about…

  • Amanda from Every Creative Endeavor will be chatting about Crafting Trends that we Adore.
  • Jocelyn from Inside BruCrew Life is going to be chatting about Baking with New Products.
  • Jennn from My Fabuless Life will be chatting about Homemade Cleaning.
  • Beth from Through the Eyes of the Mrs. will be gabbing about Class Valentine's Parties.
  • I will be having just a general WELCOME to the party chat!! Come say hello and join the great gab for a minute or two or grab a snack, kick back and let's get some serious chatting on.

I can't wait to introduce a few more of our team leaders tomorrow and tell you a little more about what we will be chatting about at the WhipperCafe! Come on over and say hello and tell us what you think…


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