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Polka Dot Jars // If you have followed WhipperBerry for any time at all, you know I love my jars. I love to bake with jars, decorate with jars, organize with jars… you name it, I ADORE jars.  This week I found another fun, yet simple way to dress up my jars with DecoArt Glass Paint …

Polka Dot Jars copy

Isn’t this a fun way to dress up your jars for an event? It couldn’t be simpler with DecoArts Glass Paint 3D Frost Gloss Enamels…

Deco Art Glass Paint

DecoArt sent me a bunch of their glass paint to take for a spin. I was madly getting ready for my last minute trip to Hawaii, so I didn’t have a ton of time to create a painted masterpiece.  I did however have just enough time to dress up a jar and then I had a thought… This would be so fun for a birthday party or shower, basically any type of event where you would like to add a little playful fun element to the party. The nice part it hardly takes any time at all to create these fun polka dot jars.

Supply List


  1. Make sure your jars are clean inside and out. Wipe down the outside of the jar with alcohol to prepare it for the paint.
  2. Select your 3D Frosted Gloss Enamel color and using the handy tip just start placing dots at the tip of every diamond on the quilted glass jar.
  3. Let dry completely, this takes a few hours or best over night.
  4. Fill with your party beverage, screw on the lid and top it off with the fancy straw. 
  5. Line up your jars on a table or tray and your guests will be amazed!!

How easy is that!! Seriously, you could get a whole parties worth of jars painted in no time at all.  Give it a go and let me know what you think!

If you are looking for more glass painting projects, DecoArt has created a fabulous site for their Glass Painting Program that you should check out.  It has all kinds of project ideas, product information and videos!!

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  1. says

    Love this idea!!! I love your blog as well. Just wondering about some of the fonts that you use….particularly for the “Polka Dot” wording on this post. Thanks so much for your help.

  2. says

    I enjoyed seeing this cute idea for jars.  Not only is it a new thought, but it can all be done quickly because it simply sits there when finished.  You don't have to finish one part and leave it for it to dry before you can finish the other side.


    • says

      I had to stop and think about where I found them, I found them at a shop at the Queen Bee Market a couple of years ago but you can get them all over the place now. Here is a link to Amazon that may help out. 

      kisses // heather


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