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Hi everyone! I am so happy to be here today at Whipperberry. My name is Kiki and I blog over at Kiki and Company. 

I am thrilled to be here helping Heather out as she gets ready to move her family across the US and it really inspired todays free printable. I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is put a little note in my kids lunch, hide one in their backpack or put one on their freshly made bed. I love the reaction my kiddos give me. They always come home with an extra big hug when they found a little note that brought a smile to their face. Today I whipped up a few for older kids (and it will of course work for younger ones as well!). They are little sentiments of inspiration to help them get through those jr. high hallways, high school classes, or in Heather's case..those first days being in a new school. (I am even printing some off to keep in my purse in case one of my OWN friends needs a little boost!)

You can pick up the notes RIGHT HERE and start spreading some smiles!


If you would like to grab more of the free Lunchbox series, you can find them HERE at my blog.

You also don't want to miss FREEBIES every month in my can sign up for it on my sidebar!

Thanks for having me, Heather. I will miss you more than words can say here in Vegas.. those Nebraskans are truly hitting the jackpot!

Isn’t Kiki just divine? I am totally going to print some of those Lunchbox Notes for my kiddos to have while we are going through the moving process.  I’m sure they are going to need it!

I’ve been lucky enough to call Kiki a, “in person” friend as well as an “online” friend.  She is the sweetest person out there and I’m truly going to miss having her close by.  She is a real talent, that girl!  Make sure you bookmark Kiki & Company {if you haven’t already} because she does some aaaamazing work!



  1. says

    those are all so cute. i love everything kiki designs!
    and us eighteen25 girls are going to miss you too heather.


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