Chest R Desk a Great Holiday Gift

Alright, the big game is almost here…  We’re in the final stretch, and gearing up for a big finish! Christmas my friends!! It’s like our shopping Super Bowl. Who’s going to come up with the best gifts this year? The most thoughtful, the most creative… the one that the kiddos will still be interested in by Presidents Day. Kami from No Biggie has turned me onto the coolest gift for the kiddos ages 3-12.  It’s the Chest R Desk!!

chest R desk

Here is a photo of Kami’s little guy taking the Chest R Desk for a test drive. This is the coolest little piece of children's furniture I’ve seen in a while. It is a storage unit, chair and a desk all in one.  Plus you can decorate it to match your kiddos room.  Here is a little video showing how it works…

How fun is that?  Kami said that the Chest R Desk is made really well with hinges that close slowly, so you won’t have to worry about your kiddos banging down the top of the chest.  It also has little cut out sections so you don’t have to worry about smashed fingers, so smart! 

The Chest-R-Desk runs about $59.95 and will ship out towards the end of November, so get your orders in now!  I think I need to order at least two.  It’s a perfect little homework spot for Miss Em and my little guy Gage would LOVE to have a little spot all his own.  He could store his coloring books and puzzles, it’s just perfect for him! I can’t wait for Christmas!!

What do you think? Do you have a little one who would LOVE to have their very own little spot? Is this something you would add to your Holiday list? You can find out more information about Chest-R-Desk on their website or visit their Facebook page for all the up to date news about this fun product!

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