Jeweled Mini Christmas Wreath with Styled by Tori

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… well not really. But it’s GO TIME for holiday crafting. I love this time of year, it’s a time to pull the magic back into our lives for a few months and I just love it.  I love that with holiday decorating you can transform your home into a wonderland for just a little bit and show off your fun style for that season.  This year I am loving the possibilities with the Styled by Tori line of custom jewelry and craft elements. I decided to make a Styled by Tori jeweled wreath out of some of the fun necklace pendants in the line along with a necklace bottom to be the foundation for the wreath…

wb 018 copy

This is a cute mini wreath that you can use as a tree ornament or add it as a fun embellishment to your décor. It would make a fabulous gift for your friends or family and it’s super simple to make… I just love how they turned out! Here is what you will need.

styled by tori elements

Supplies for the Mini Jeweled Wreath


To begin, you will need to cut a piece of the heavy gauge floral wire roughly about 12 inches. Then feed it through the necklace bottom and connect the two sides together with the chain connector.

how to make a wreath from a necklace #toristyle

Feed the tails of the wire back through the necklace bottom and trim off any excess.

wb 014

Work it into a nice circle shape.  Next using the light gauge floral wire, begin to attach the necklace pendants onto the wreath form. I chose to use wire rather than glue, because I didn’t want to worry about one of the pendants popping off.  I felt like wire would make a more stable wreath.

wiring the styled by tori elements onto the wreath

For added stability you can add a little E-6000 if you would like.  I wired mine pretty well so I didn’t feel the need to add the glue.

At this point you are the designer.  You can fill the entire wreath with pendants like this…

wb 022

Or you can use just a few to accent the necklace bottom wreath like this…

elegant wreath ornament from styled by tori elements

Either way, it makes a lovely little accent piece for your holiday décor.  You could even add a ribbon and use it to decorate some gifts if you like.  Wouldn’t that make for a stunning gift box? What do you think? How would you use your jeweled mini wreath?

Heather copy

Discloser Statement


  1. says

    I love it! So gorgeous and pretty and sparkly! I would love to wear this out in December! Have a lovely week Heather! Angie xo

  2. says

    It’s very pretty Heather, but when I did a quick calculation of the cost of all of the elements, it blew my mind! It would be $50- $75 for me to buy the Styled by Tori elements for one mini-wreath at their current SALE prices at JoAnn’s – that’s just way too pricey for a sweet little bling on my tree! We have a 9′ tree each year so I’d need at least 18 ornaments to make a nice showing.

  3. Sheri says

    What an amazing use for all of my grandmothers old costume jewelry! My mother will love this gift at Christmas! What an amazing idea! Thank you!


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